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Hey All!

Finally got some time out in the garage. Sorry that thing called "Life" got in the way! ;-)

Some pics. (Sorry I didn't have my fancy camera with me)

Hasbro R2 in bits and pieces

User-inserted image

A close-up of my dome posts. This is how it is on my full size R2. Simply friction fits down on the (4) screw posts.

User-inserted image

L298 Motor Controller. Seemed like a perfect fit to mount on R2's center foot.

User-inserted image

Another view of R2 gutted.

User-inserted image

Back half of R2's body. I utilized the existing mounting posts and added a styrene plate for mounting stuff.

User-inserted image

A good view of the rear half of R2. I did some extensive dremeling and removed the whole battery compartment.

User-inserted image

Here we have everything fitted back together. EZ-B board mounted.

User-inserted image

Gutted dome. Note the black tipped posts. Those match my screws for the friction fit.

User-inserted image

Little buddy all back together.

User-inserted image

Heart beat...

User-inserted image

Another view of his almost complete internals.

User-inserted image

12V Lipo 1500mAH battery I've been experimenting with. Fit's in R2 and Wall-E easily. Doesn't seem to run the EZ-B very hot at all.

User-inserted image

Things left to do to R2:

  • Add Scorpion Mini speed control for dome rotation
  • Add serial MP3 card w/amp
  • Add Camera to dome eye
  • Add slip-ring to dome
  • Locate and mount Sonar

Hope these pics help other builders with ideas.



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Nice, thanks for showing us this. I'll be watching. I want to do something like this to mine.


Wow there a lot of room in that little guy. Looks like there is enough room for an EZ CAM in the dome too.


This looks like a pretty sweet build.


I have some vids of my son driving him around. I need to upload to YT and will post.

I finished up the MP3 soundboard wiring harnesses last night so I'll mount and install that tonight.

Going to add some basic LED's into the dome if I have time. Slip ring won't be here for another week or so.

The R2 has been an easy mod. Not a whole lot of complication, tonnes of room inside to work with.


My little guy playing with R2. I have it set to 25% for speed. ;-)


Wow can you imagine how fast he would be at 100 percent. Nice man


MP3 board mounted and working. 3W amp is mounted behind.

Speaker in dome for now.

User-inserted image

Tomorrow I'll try to get his sonar mounted and maybe some LED's up in the dome.





Is that a sub statute for the MP3 Trigger? looks much smaller and bigger SD slot...can you give me some details on that MP3 board.

thanks man,


i also want that battery set up, specs please? sorry im a complete noob..and im working on my artoo now. is that a volt reader? on the battery?


Hey Hoolagen1,

That is the "older" MDFLY 40 MP3 Serial Module. It's very basic, handles only 40 MP3's, and is limited for triggers. Perfect for small simple projects like R2, Wall-E, Omnibots.

It's cheap ($20 bucks or so). The newer version uses a Micro-SD and has some better features.

Web link ->

I'm new to the world of LiPo batteries myself. I've been playing around with (2) versions. One is a 11.1V (1500mAH) and the other is a 7.4V (1000mAH). They both seem to run fine with the EZ-B. The 11.1V runs the voltage regulators a little warm but nothing overly excessive.

I haven't done a full run-time test on them yet. Unofficially I got about 45 minutes playing around with R2, but did not have the MP3 module running at that time. Once I get some more time I'll do a full comparison.

I'll probably give the 2200mAH a try next go around as well.

LiPo's I'm told are very touchy, if the cells get drained below a certain voltage they sometimes don't recover well. I have some cheapy cheap E-Bay low battery warning modules plugged in. They start to beep prior to the cell voltage getting too low.

I got all my batteries here ->

Hope this helps?


Added LED's to the dome tonight.

Red & Blue for the PSI and a white LED for the Holo. I'll add a 3mm blue LED to the lower power coupler tomorrow.

Quick vid of R2, Random audio is on then I initiate the R2 short circuit script.



** 04/02/13 **

Baby slip rings arrived today. Going to work on adding one to R2's body/dome. This will allow me to send power and EZ-B control up to the dome while it's spinning 360.

These are about 4 times smaller than the slip ring I use in my big R2. :D

User-inserted image


wait. whaaaaaaaaaat? do those things spin? im working my r2 now too.

sorry, lame brain cant understand.


Yes they spin. Allowing one end to be mounted and the other to spin freely 360.

No tangled wires and such.


so what I decided to do based on you pro android to make a frame within the r2

this way I can crack the case open and work on the lego technic frame I build inside of him to hold servos, and some drive train gears...


Slip ring is in!

Don't think his head motor was meant to run on 7.4V. It's just a blur spinning 360. :D

I'll post a pic and vid tonight when I get home from work.

If all works out ok with the hotpot potentiometer going into big R2, I'll add the same to little R2 for dome centering.


As promised.

Pic of the slip ring installed. The center plastic "cap" is the plastic part of a pill bottle safety cap. Friction fits perfectly. Drilled and hot glued the slip ring to it. Wires are wrapped with solder to give them some firmness.

User-inserted image

Video of R2's head spinning (No Dome)

Video of R2's head spinning (Dome)

I'm going to grease it up a little to cut the noise.

All I need is a camera and he's done.


Very cool! I am def inspired to build an R2 ...not to mention a B9....etc etc after my talking head is complete... :)


Dude that spinning head is awesome! Now it needs freagin lasers!


Now you need to buy a stun gun so it can zap stuff. Or make something that looks like it.



You got me thinking.

Although a active stun gun would be great, I'm sure my son would abuse that feature. :D

It did bring up a thought about a recent project I saw. Do you know what a Jacob's Ladder is?

The old mad scientist Zip.Zip electrical arch? I saw a recent re-invent of that with EL wire.

Thinking I could make a minature zapper probe with blue EL to simulate an arch.

I'll see what I can Do.


Jacobs ladder was a fun build i made for a science fair project for school,that brings back memories. Same as a real volcano that erupts in grade 5,i was a science master in school all straight A'S.


@robotmaker..I hope your enjoying your retirement! ....@lumpy As your robot is an R2 unit it would also benefit with a "projection display" I recently picked up an old 500 watt slide projecter for 5$ at a Lions sale and will be incorporating a lcd backlit with mirror to project onto anything! ...Perhaps one of your windows. Something as simple as this Projector Of course I would not use the 500 watt lamp provided


Thanks @irobot58,i did so many many changes and updates to my projects. And i bought a lot more robots 93 now.


For the Hasbro R2 I'm thinking something less advanced.

Like one of my kids toys, I want to print a Leia picture onto a transparent sheet, then simply shine a superbright LED behind it.

Simple but effective for what I want out of this little guy.

Now the Big R2 on the other hand needs a pico projector of some sort.

Other builders are currently experimenting with projecting full moving vid onto a fog/mist stream or clear mylar.

It's effect is quite stunning.

It's on the list of upgrades.


I had a funny the R2 unit is steaming the rug it can send out misting vid! :)


I bought a small pico projector for my hasbro R2-D2,it will fit just right in the head


Also LUMPY have fun at DJ'S party today



on the last video with the slip a lot confused. the dome spins but the top wire coming from the center do not.... so if that wire connects to a servo or led that is attached to the dome...would the wire not tangle?

I think im not understanding a huge part of the slip ring

I want to avoid putting a mini ezb in the dome and a og ezb in the body.


Hi Hoolagen1,

The wire will spin as well.

Crank the volume! :D (Same slip ring I used in little R2)


Love it!

I'm such a nerd. Missed this same video on the previous page.