LEVi Rover Modular Robot 3D Print


These are not all the sketches just bits a pieces. I have gone through 3 versions of the concept making it a little better, more practical and functional each time. Of course, anyone is welcome to weigh in with suggestions. The general idea with this concept is to have accessories that can be printed and attached , like for example a weed eating attachment and lawn mower. That is just an initial use , but I would like to come up with even more attachable accessories for this guy. Once I have several accessories available, I will also develop a similar but possibly smaller version dedicated to education. My idea is to put these up for sale and for every full sized kit, giving a special educational package to a local school.

Ideas for play and educational attachments are welcome.
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Here are some updated renders, I have a talented 3D artist working on options for single piece tracks and tires at this time. I don't like this version of the tracks and tire because it is so thin. I feel it needs to be at least twice as thick so we are back to the drawing board on those. , but I was able to get some different views of the 3d model progress. :)User-inserted image

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Good news by the way, I managed to sell the two Omnibot 2000 toys and 5 of the BB8 Hero toys to raise money for this project. I was able to get 4 Ender 3 printers initially, but I just ordered another 2. Also I got with a guy at enderextender.com and he was kind enough to offer a bit of a discount and some things even at his cost to extend the Ender 3 print volume up to 400 mm x 400mm x 500mm. He is only sending 4 of those kids, so two of the ender 3 printers are going to be normal sized. The Robo 3d printers are both out of commision as they are throwing a thermister cooling error even after swapping the hot end. I dont have time to really figure that one out, so they are on the back burner till this semester is over and finals are taken. I have not given up on the Folgertech 6, but I simply dont have time to get a printer going without help from the manufacturer , so that is on the back burner for the rest of the school semester as well.

The LEVi Rover 3D print files have been uploaded to the thingiverse repository! I hope a few of you do the honors of downloading and enjoying printing this guy. Come along on the adventure of building, modding and designing accessories for LEVi. What will you do with yours?