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I'm starting a new thread for my custom 3D projects so I can showcase them in just one thread from now on.

And since it is Friday the 13th, (ch ch ch ch, ah ah ah) I made JD a mask to go over the standard face.

I might have to print two so I can paint one in Chicago Blackhawk's colors.

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JD Hockey Mask .stl

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Rethinking the Deadpool mask. Also re-thinking and designing the New Order Storm Trooper mask. So I started working on a full Cylon Helmet for JD to turn him into an old school Cylon. I'm pretty happy so far.

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start to looking good.here some idea you can ad.

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I love the cylon mask. Id love to do that for my JD. Any stl file ?:) I even already have the cylon eyes and cylon eye sound on my CY.
here is another excample cylon rgb

I'm going share the .stl when I'm finished tinkering. I'd love to move the eye slot down, but then the proportions aren't as good. So I'm still refining it.
keep tinkering.your good at it.
I squished it down, widened the eye slot so JD's eye can be seen better. What do you think?

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are you planning to use all leds from the rgb.

it looks like a real soldier.cylon
No, if I open it all the way for all the LEDs to come through then it looks goofy. This way, at least the top and most all of the middle LED's should shine through. My biggest debate now is to print it as a full helmet (as it now) or cut it in half and make it a mask. I kinda dig the full helmet.
I updated the JD hockey mask, I added a v3 version which is a little wider and deeper and fit's JD's head a little better. This slightly bigger version actually grabs onto my 3D printed JD head because of the ridges in the 3D print. (It won't grab onto a smooth EZ-Robot JD head.)

And I added a machete I made. It's as close to a Friday the 13th machete as I could make. I was surprised there were not more machete's to 3D print. I think for JD a plastic butter knife would probably complete the look just as well, but I wanted a custom look for the machete.

He's gonna look real cute when I have him chop down paper targets. :D

The Cylon helmet is on hold for a bit, bit I started mocking up a JD-Johnny five base.

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Update on the Cylon helmet. I'm pretty happy with it. I can't make it fit over JD's head correctly without it being in two parts, a front and back half. The two halves can't be permanent glued together because it wont pass over the widest middle part of JD's head. You could print the helmet a little wider (for me I don't like the wider option, I don't like the appearance as well) or manually trim down the inside of the mask (another option I personally don't like).

Plus, some folks might like just the front helmet as a mask and use sting or elastic to make a tie back to hold it on as a mask instead of a full helmet. I've got the back half printed and I need to sand and paint it. Then I'm going to make a bracket or hinge for the top to attached the two half's but allow them to come apart to take the helmet on or off JD's head. When I'm sure I don't have any other modification to make I'll share the files.

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Looks Great ! Maybe a cloth tape hinge at the top, on the inside surface and a tiny piece of Velcro to close it will do the job?

Yeah, Velcro is a pretty good idea Ron. I'll try that. I was thinking more like a tiny metal hinge or making a top connector piece. I'll try a few things and post my thoughts of the pros and cons of them when I upload the .stls on ThingiVerse.

It looks really cool with the leds eyes flashing. It makes me want a metallic JD :D
Cloth medical tape works. I have made some tiny hinges which worked pretty well.

I also used small drops of silicone sealant ( typical is "locktite" brand) to "spot weld" things on surfaces. Just be sure to make the drops small enough to allow the parts to be removed later.

I made a set of numbered EZ-Bit male clip on tabs mostly for those educators out there that might be using numerous robots, you could clip on a number plate to identify robots. You could use multiples of one digit to show a team of robots vs. another, for example robot soccer where all robots on one team are "1's" vs. robots from team "0".

Just something simple I wanted to share.
Thingiverse EZ-Bit Numbers

Also, almost finished with the back half of the Cylon helmet....waiting for paint to dry....want to touch! :P
looking good great color.