Introducing....HEMI or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Robot)


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Hi Gang ! 
So Ive finally got my project to a point to where Id like to show what I have been working on, which I actually started around october of 2019. Its still ways off from being finished, but I wanted to show you the major part of it.

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Meet HEMI... or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Bot #1)

This design stands a lil over 65 inches tall. Currently weighs in about 40lbs.  Is mostly made from Servocity Actobotics metal parts and some very high torque servos (3402 oz/in), a torso actuator(180lb thrust) ,Vex grippers and much more... 

The main goal of this design is to help lift a person up; as in from a sitting position from a chair or wheelchair ,turn, then lower the person back down onto another chair (they call this "Transfering" among the nursing community). I got the idea from all the times that either me or an aide/nurse has to lift and move my mom around in her home. I know that there are lift chairs out there than do this, but I want to see if a real robot could be built to do it too.

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An inital test of  HEMY bent over foward. the arms would also be reacing outward at this point.

HEMI is currently partly RC controlled right now, but I will be using EZB along the way to perfom the many task that the EZB can do. One thing you will note in this picture is the 2 white pvc tubes protruding outward from the front. these in time will have an Ultrasonic sensor and a bumper switch, and will be used to carefully roll up to the person sitting in a chair (your feet would go in between the white tubes and your toes would touch a large rubber stopper when the robot comes to a stop,holding the feet in place before the lifting.
The idea then is that HEMI will bend over forward, while its arms extend outward, safelty grabbing and holding the person, then will rise up till the robot is basicaly fully upright and the person is now in a standing position being held up by the robot. Then to be turned and lowered back down onto another chair ie: wheelchair for an aide/nurse to do whatever is next. 

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Shown here is the drive train, which is controlled by a DE Sabertooth. A 12V 10ah battery and the power control panel.

More pics and a couple videos to come as I keep adding to it. Next major hurtle is to add a SSC32, wire the servos and the means to power them.

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Taking a lil break from it as I play around with my new 3D printer. I picked up a large professionall printer from XZY Printing. Already printed a couple add on pieces for Hemi. I willl post soon. I want to get back to the bot, Im still having "turn" issues with the bot. Seems the Sabertooth or the Roboclaw show same issue, I cant get the robot to stop turning left or right when I speak the command, Im still working that out, despite everyone saying it works fine.

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the XYZ DaVinci Super 3D printer....:)
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I understand, in speech recognition I just use -  stop()     to stop anything

nice 3d printer, great , send pics when you can.

I have not seriously messed with my 3d printer yet - that is another thing to do

Back in city life, will start this all again I hope.

Be well - 

RoboHappy, I did not want to hijack your thread, but

Did you read Steve G, Info?

give this a try, may help, I don't know, I don't have a sabretooth to play with.

Steve G says:

I have also read that some members had trouble with the 38400 baud rate, and used 9600 baud rate with the fallowing dip switch settings...

Simplified Serial at 9600 Baud Rate.

Switch 1 Up,
Switch 2 Down,
Switch 3 Up,
Switch 4 Down,
Switch 5 Up,
Switch 6 Up.

Connection initialization script.

Place the following code in the EZ-B "Connection Control" script editor, or "Init" script that connects to the EZ-B connection control.

#Connection INIT command to put motors in a "Stopped" state.

#NOTE: If using 9600 baud rate, edit the following script from "38400" to "9600".

SendSerial(D0,38400,0) - SendSerial(D0, 9600,0)
Hi EzAng,
Yea, I did  read that, and have been trying it at both  the 38.4 and the 9600 bauds with same results.  But I think I may have  discovered something that may  have been the issue. I have to experiment more before I conclude the results. Will see:)
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Found some EndCap files for the Actobotics C channel that I could 3D print, orinted them in PLA.
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did you figure it out?
Good morning RoboHappy,

How is it going? Any robot advancements?

Nothing too new, I have re-editing some of the Auto positions I've been working on. Playing around with Pandora some, and looking to change out the  controller to the Torso Actuator to gain some better Auto Position control.  I  still havent 100% nailed down the drive issue with the sabertooth moving on its own but have noticed its not such a big issue with the a Roboclaw controller, odd yes. Had to move a Head servo from the SSC32, so that I could get the servospeed function to work (way better now). Face req and object req are on the list down the road:) 

Might even look into building HEMI #2, The idea is to build it better based on what I'm learning from Hemi #1.  Stay tuned.....
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in the Auto position, what do you use to go forward and reverse in a script? for robot arms not wheels
I sorta go the route of the old movie maker idea. Moving one joint at a time.  I create afram for each jooint seperately, one frame for say a Left elbow up, then another frame left elbow down, same for the shoulders and grippers, Then I can of course create Actions based on the those frames. In a script, which is activated by a voice command, I look for the Autoposition  that was created under the Cheat Sheet section and simply click and paste that into the script. 
I can try and take a snapshot of how Im doing it if that will help.
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ok sounds good, a snapshot 

On a different note, have you heard of James Burton, robot builder? 

If so, what is your take on him.

RoboHappy, when will you produce a video of your work, would like to see it my friend.


Id like to say soon, but dont know just yet. Been a lil busy with some other issues. So balanceing some time hasnt been  working right for me. Maybe by the weekend, I will produce something to show. Ive been liking everyone elses vids lately, so yeah I wanna contribute:)
Ok, my friend, no rush,   :-)

We all have many things to do in life besides robot stuff, I understand.

Be well, thanks

Great, I will have to watch them when I get to a better WIFI 

I am at the country / farm life, no internet only my phone hotspot


Happy, it looks like your videos are set to "private" on YouTube.
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Just watched them - good work - Like the movements - can you turn left or right?  At this time, I don't have enough power to turn, just forward and back.

Servo City changed their website -  15% gone 

Thanks - onward!

Hi EzAng,
I am able to turn left or right, just not so easyon carpet I have found out. Takes a lil practice, Right now, I can trive the robot via R/C controller. I can run it in AI mode,but with the Sabertooth still acting up (still dont know why), Im only wanting to run him in AI mode in a more open room, which I still need to run test on. My place is small and it could easily crash into something. I the AI mode works great for everything else as youve seen,and I am still working on better arm movements.
I liked the servocity 15% deal too, I picked up another 3 ch, r/c car controller that way:)