Introducing....HEMI or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Robot)


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Hi Gang ! 
So Ive finally got my project to a point to where Id like to show what I have been working on, which I actually started around october of 2019. Its still ways off from being finished, but I wanted to show you the major part of it.

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Meet HEMI... or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Bot #1)

This design stands a lil over 65 inches tall. Currently weighs in about 40lbs.  Is mostly made from Servocity Actobotics metal parts and some very high torque servos (3402 oz/in), a torso actuator(180lb thrust) ,Vex grippers and much more... 

The main goal of this design is to help lift a person up; as in from a sitting position from a chair or wheelchair ,turn, then lower the person back down onto another chair (they call this "Transfering" among the nursing community). I got the idea from all the times that either me or an aide/nurse has to lift and move my mom around in her home. I know that there are lift chairs out there than do this, but I want to see if a real robot could be built to do it too.

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An inital test of  HEMY bent over foward. the arms would also be reacing outward at this point.

HEMI is currently partly RC controlled right now, but I will be using EZB along the way to perfom the many task that the EZB can do. One thing you will note in this picture is the 2 white pvc tubes protruding outward from the front. these in time will have an Ultrasonic sensor and a bumper switch, and will be used to carefully roll up to the person sitting in a chair (your feet would go in between the white tubes and your toes would touch a large rubber stopper when the robot comes to a stop,holding the feet in place before the lifting.
The idea then is that HEMI will bend over forward, while its arms extend outward, safelty grabbing and holding the person, then will rise up till the robot is basicaly fully upright and the person is now in a standing position being held up by the robot. Then to be turned and lowered back down onto another chair ie: wheelchair for an aide/nurse to do whatever is next. 

User-inserted image

Shown here is the drive train, which is controlled by a DE Sabertooth. A 12V 10ah battery and the power control panel.

More pics and a couple videos to come as I keep adding to it. Next major hurtle is to add a SSC32, wire the servos and the means to power them.

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the rest of my parts are coming in tomorrow and Friday, hope to have some pic by then


Here is what I got gone today, tomorrow I will have more parts:
I will also have a video

Roman the robot - New Robot 2020 - Arc software:

I am using an Ezb4 controller, battery, a EZrobot 1300 with four Ez 360 HDD servos for the two arms with 4 servo City gear boxes 4 servo City channels for arms

a iotiny controller / battery, a EZrobot 1300 for camera servo, and two 996R servos for the 2 servo City grippers

An Arduino - with a shield /power USB off my laptop 2 Micro servo Motor for the eyes, a Micro servo Motor for the mouth and a 996R servo for the DF-Robot rotation hex base

Servo City plates for front of robot -  tomorrow
Using a stand I had and a shirt.

Four 13.5 servo City channels to form a platform for the head and accessories.
Misc. mask with hair, Styrofoam head cut, hot glue, screws, nuts, wire extensions etc

User-inserted image
Nice. Good to see those Actobotic parts. Those gearbox servos are very strong. I even have the same claws, but havent decided on what to use them with still. Im hoping I get the arms mounted back on mine soon.
Here is another pic today 5/22/2020

User-inserted image

Legs may com later :-)

video next, thanks

Those actuators work great, what do you power them with?

RoboHappy and EZAng it looks like your robots are cousins with the similar ServoCity parts!:D
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lol, yes, RoboHappy turned me on to servo City

just added a 4 pieces at bottom

User-inserted image

video coming


question, can the servo city Agent 390 run on an EzB4 with battery?

Here is my robot
User-inserted image

Using 2 Iotiny with 2 EzB batteries

Servo City parts - need wheels - power - Can I use a EzB4 with battery?
Per Servocity, the Agent 390 is best run with a 3s (11.1v) 5000ma Lipo battery. What battery are you using now? The Lipo is great if you want to keep the weight down on the base. I opted for a little heavier, so I went with a single 12v 10A SLA to power everything. My power distribution is via two DC/DC converters. Both are adjustable, with one being @ 3 amp max, adjust to 7.4vdc for the EZB and other small electronics, the other can deliver up to 8amps and is also set for 7.4v for all the servos. Finally I use the 12v to drive the base motors and the big Torso actuator.
I am using 2 EzB 1300 mAh   -  7.4 V

2 iotiny boards

can this run the the servo city Agent 390  ?

Should be ok.  I need to take another current measurement, now that I have added some more wight to the bot. The agent 390 is designed for up to a 60lb payload, yet on the servocity videos, it shows pulling a person in an office chair across the floor...  
The Agent 390 base by itself does haul across the floor pretty good too.
Thanks, RoboHappy, I will try the servo city Agent 390 and use the EZB4 controller with the 1300 mAh, 7.4 V batteries - I will use a h bridge motor driver for the motors.

I will see what happens, trial and error again :-)

User-inserted image

Made a battery cover. It holds the LCD Battery monitor. The cover is easy to remove to gain access to battery terminals for charging.
User-inserted image

Not the best view, but this shows Hemis torso bent over and arms extended. This is the basis on how I hope I be able to lift a person , say from a wheelchair. I Also still have to route the wiring better. 
(note my Cybot nearby , lol )
I still very new at 3d printing, maybe in a week or two I will get back into that.

Your Cybot looks cool there :-)

I have relatives coming to town, great to see them but all the projects stop. :-(

talk again soon,

be well RoboHappy,

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wow, like an InMoov

had to watch a few times

can you make a longer video, up and down?

what kind of actuator is that?

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The Linear Actuator is another Servocity product. They have light,heavy and super duty versions. They come in different thrust pulls and stroke lengths. The one I use is a heavy duty, 10" stroke, 180lb thrust capacity.Ran me about $130.
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The Linear Actuator works great for up and down movements of a body - Torso movement.

I had to use 2 controls for each for the arms to move properly

Look at the right - 2 controls for each

User-inserted image

min. and max - vertical servo control
72 and 97 

forward and reverse - continuous servo control
this is a good control. it has a "stop" function
50 and 37