Introducing....HEMI or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Robot)


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Hi Gang ! 
So Ive finally got my project to a point to where Id like to show what I have been working on, which I actually started around october of 2019. Its still ways off from being finished, but I wanted to show you the major part of it.

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Meet HEMI... or HHCB1 (Home Health Care Bot #1)

This design stands a lil over 65 inches tall. Currently weighs in about 40lbs.  Is mostly made from Servocity Actobotics metal parts and some very high torque servos (3402 oz/in), a torso actuator(180lb thrust) ,Vex grippers and much more... 

The main goal of this design is to help lift a person up; as in from a sitting position from a chair or wheelchair ,turn, then lower the person back down onto another chair (they call this "Transfering" among the nursing community). I got the idea from all the times that either me or an aide/nurse has to lift and move my mom around in her home. I know that there are lift chairs out there than do this, but I want to see if a real robot could be built to do it too.

User-inserted image

An inital test of  HEMY bent over foward. the arms would also be reacing outward at this point.

HEMI is currently partly RC controlled right now, but I will be using EZB along the way to perfom the many task that the EZB can do. One thing you will note in this picture is the 2 white pvc tubes protruding outward from the front. these in time will have an Ultrasonic sensor and a bumper switch, and will be used to carefully roll up to the person sitting in a chair (your feet would go in between the white tubes and your toes would touch a large rubber stopper when the robot comes to a stop,holding the feet in place before the lifting.
The idea then is that HEMI will bend over forward, while its arms extend outward, safelty grabbing and holding the person, then will rise up till the robot is basicaly fully upright and the person is now in a standing position being held up by the robot. Then to be turned and lowered back down onto another chair ie: wheelchair for an aide/nurse to do whatever is next. 

User-inserted image

Shown here is the drive train, which is controlled by a DE Sabertooth. A 12V 10ah battery and the power control panel.

More pics and a couple videos to come as I keep adding to it. Next major hurtle is to add a SSC32, wire the servos and the means to power them.

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cool the choulders goin outwarts.
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RoboHappy, if you need help with the the Bing speech and the Pandora -  I know how to do it, just let me know.

Have a good day.

Thank you Nomad:)  And many more little movements to come.

EzAng, yes I prob could use a lil help with that. Its odd that it takes so long to process and reply to an answer. Is this really normal? also seem to have the Pandora lose link up while using it.
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You need an internet connection for PandoraBot
In the PandoraBot control, I put - Audio.say(getVar("$BingSpeech"));
User-inserted image

notice above: speak response

I having it speak out of the PC

to speak out of the robot:  check "use ezb v4 speaker"

you can use Audio.sayEZB(getVar("$BingSpeech"));

in the Bing speech I put ControlCommand("PandoraBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)

User-inserted image

I use AIMLbot so I can write my own responses in xml format

AIMLbot resides on you computer, no need of internet

for AIML bot it is about the same:

Bing speech - ControlCommand("AimlBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)

AimlBot - Audio.say(getVar("$BotResponse"));

that's it, start your conversations  :-)

Recently added some 3D printed Actobotics Endcaps....
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

nice clean finisch part.looking good. is the ubove cap glow in the dark?
Nice work. I like that 3D printing gives the ability to make custom parts like this. It really finishes your joint and smoothes it out. 

I really need to get into this technology. It seems to be starting to mature nicely. I have so many uses for it.
Thanks guys

Nomad - the material is  called "Clear Yellow" PLA. this once does not glow in the dark, but yeah they do make that, and now I may have to look into getting some, I like the idea of a glowing robot, lol

Dave- The 3D work is def fun. Have been in it for just around 5 years now and have printed so many cool things I found online. Have yet to learn to design my own,  Just wish the 3d printers were more reliable. They require way too much TLC. In fact the printer that did these parts broke down yet again, in less than a month, glad its still under warrenty at least.

the glow in the dark is not for long periods.only about maybe 20 minutes.

User-inserted image
Nice one Nomad, thats very cool...
Yep, the maintenance part and low resolution (print level lines) is what's keeping me from buying a 3D printer.
i use my printers almost a year.never clean them.stil works fine.
if you use primer two layers and then paint .the lines are gone.
sanding is an option.
Hi robot guys, RoBoHappy, Nomad, Dave  - looks like things are goin well,

3d printing - my shot at this,  this week, I hope. I am green at this - I guess trail and error again -  should be home today in my city life to give it a chance.

I purchased a month ago  Creality 3D Printer CR-10S Pro V2 with BL Touch Auto-Level, Touch Screen, Large Build Volume 3D Printer 300mmx300mmx400mm with Capricorn PTFE 2019 Newest 95% Pre-Assembled Printer

Oh well, I hope I succeed  -  thanks again - looks lime you guys print with ease :-)

Ive heard alot about that printer model. I hope it works ou. Please let us know what you think of it, I have been thinking about getting it as a backup printer for home, since my bigger XZY Super printer is at my job for now. 
Would also love to hear from others as well if they happen to use that same printer, would like to get real reviews:)
Perry has this printer, waiting for some pointers from him. He told me this yesterday - 

Over the weekend, I decided to add a USB power outlet. Its a typical 12v 1a car plug in type I adapted to the robot, just in case I ever needed a standalone phone charger or other device if I should lose power at home and be turned on/off independant of the rest of the robot.
User-inserted image
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Hey robohappy,

I asked Frank where did he go :

Here is his response, sounds like what you want to do

Hello Angelo, EzAng

I’ve been focusing on some bigger robots such as Loomo and Temi for Elders note the drink delivery system

Here is my robot channel:

Here is my Elder channel:

I also now write a column for a senior-focused website where family members want to help their elderly parents with technology:

I’m also creating Alexa Skills for seniors:

Thanks for reaching out to me,

By the way I have been 3d printing many things now

Hey RoboHappy,

What's going on your way? any new projects?
HI EzAng

Not much in the way of robots right now.  This is the time of year where I focus on the much paperwork as conservator, I do for my moms care. 

Not too long ago I sidelined Hemi because I wasn't able to put forth more time into some programming it needs, esp for making all the gaits it would require to perform the idea of lifting/lowering a human to and from a wheelchair and such. Turns out its way more involved than I ever thought, and I would need assistance in its programming and worse, finding a test dummy to practice this all on:)

I also discovered, over time, that the servocity agent390 track-system really doesn't do as well on carpets as I hoped.

So now, once im freed up with some time, you might see Hemi 2.0 (or whatever new name lol) appear.  New goal, bigger bot, though not sure I will continue the human lifting idea again. larger wheels drive system (looking into one from, some of same actobotic parts , with some mix of 3D printed parts and Corkboard (great with poster board projects- makes a good strong body). 

Stay tuned....
#90   — Edited - great site

I understand we all have a life besides robot stuff....

Ok,  be well. I will stay tuned  :-)