I Was Bored This Long Weekend So I Built This


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I was messing around with some big drive motors meant for a robotic lawnmower, but came up with this instead....

1 x EZB4
1 x 2x5 Sabertooth motor controller
2 x Hitec HS-645 servos
4 x 16RPM seriously torquey gear motors
4 x 8" Lawnmower wheels
1 x 20 Watt solar panel and charger
1 x 7amp 12V SLA battery
2 x Vex 269 gear motors (for the panel retract mechanism)

Now I need to mount some sensors and an EZb Camera...

Still don't know what I want to do with it yet....

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Really cool project !
I wonder what you might have come up with if you were bored for a week or two.
Impressive work for a long weekend !
Solar powered cross-country competition robot ! Add shocks and spring suspension for a trip to the moon.
That's a real wicked build for only a weekend of time! The moving solar panel is probably the biggest surprise of the video. I wasn't expecting it.
Thanks guys.... I guess I felt more like an engineer than a programmer... Now I need to find a way to extend my wifi range....

I am sure I'll update with more doohickeys soon enough....

Nice work Richard, I live in a rural area and would use it for ouside patrol with a camera, maybe even night vision.
It could chase rabbits away from the garden, cats away from the bird feeder, deer from the flowers, etc.
I like the serious HD drive system. Do you have a link for the drive parts?
Can,t wait to see what else you add to it! ;)
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Wow, for a weekend that is impressive feat. You must be proud. Great job :-)
That is pretty Nifty for a weekend project. Good work!
United Kingdom
Love it! Just think of the things you could do with that arm!