I Shall Call Him.mini B


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Here is my small B9 robot made from the trendmasters toy from the 90s.
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I combined the Trendmasters Robot B9 and a RAD drive section with the EZ-B and a lot of work. For details of the build process, please click

Here are the side by side before and after pics of Mini B. This thread will be devoted to the programming phase.

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And here is my first attempt at programming him. I like the way I have the antenna moving, but I still need a lot of work on the "Danger Will Robinson!"

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I would like to start with a stock remote just to see if it works at all. My fear is that nobody would ever sell just the remote hence the reason I thought maybe I could cobble one together from a programmable rf remote. I dont know where to turn to even ask if this is feasible.

It might be a steep learning curve, and would be difficult without the original remote, but you could likely program an arduino to do it. Of course this is an anti-arduino forum so I won't go into detail, but if you can do it with a or receiver and transmitter, why not RF.
If you are going to be interfacing something to it in my opinion is it would make the most sense to just go all in and interface EZ-Robot controls either an EZ-B and or an ioTiny.

If you wanted to interface an different RF control you'd be gutting the current controls anyway (I think) and likely adding new motor controllers.

If you consider an RF kit with controller and receiver you could buy from a hobby store is setup to run servos, you'd need a PWM motor controller for the motors and probably on/off controller for the sounds. Because usually most of the toys like that have an all in one receiver with a funky h-bridge to controller the motors. That setup does not interface well unfortunately.

In my opinion if you were to interface an arduino I don't see where that would save you work or parts required to retrofit it. In this case I believe it would add the additional requirement to learn arduino coding.

Does that make sense?
Hi guys.

No, it probably is too much for me to take on, at least for quite a while. Eventually I may try to mod the little guy in a less ambitious attempt than bret's. I guess I just wanted to see my robot move because so far I bought a plastic statue of a b9 robot for a couple hundred dollars. I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled in the unlikely event that somebody sells a b9 remote on the 'bay.

Does anyone know if you can program, say, a car remote to read an rf signal if I can find somebody with the original remote controller to feed a signal to the auxiliary remote?

My name is Kyle and I am new to this community! I have many years experience with electronics and electrical applications! 
I have recently decided to upgrade my Trendmaters 2 ft tall Lost in Space robot! A few years ago, I  added lights to the bubble and chest!
But now I am completely rebuilding it from top to bottom! 
One of the issues I am having, is dealing with the audio! I purchased a circuit that will play mp3 files that I want the robot to say. 
It is a MDFLY SdCard MP3 Player Module Rs 
All I want to do is load MP3 audio files on an SD card and then play them back in the robot! 
Can anyone please tell me in easy to understand terms, how to operate this board? I cannot find any instructions on this board, other than the two pages offered with the product! 
I have a 12v battery I will use, a audio amp am speaker! I just need to know how to simply know how to turn it on and have it play the audio! 
I have no knowledge of computer programming or anything like that! Thank you for any and all help!
SD Card MP3 Player Module RS232-TTL

You are right they don't give you a lot to work with but it does work via TTL/serial so you I believe you can connect it to the serial port on the EZB4.

15 - RX
16 - TX
17 - Audio out R
18 - Audio out L
19 - grnd (both voltage and ground to the EZBv4)
20 - 12v power

Others have used the SparkFun MP3 Player which might find easier to use because their is a control for it.  I'm not sure if the control is compatible with the MDFLY.