I Need Help Working An Arduino Uno Please Help Me



i have an arduino uno and i want to learn how i can place a touch screen and a ez robot servo but i don't know which port any of these goes please help me i don't have a bread board i just have a arduino uno a touch screen a lot of ez robot servos a ez robot brain but not a body for it and a computer stress stress stress stress i need to work them please help me

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seromo - what do you want to do with the arduino? Arduino's are very difficult to work with and quite limiting. The real only use-case for an Arduino that i can give is if you wish to connect it to the ez-b to perform a repetitive task. Such as monitoring a switch, or blinking an LED on a custom robot.

The Arduino products require understanding electrical design, C++, complex programming logic, low level programming syntax and formatting, microcontroller terminology and most of the libraries/example code are written poorly by amateurs. You will be lucky to find libraries that actually work. This is because there is no standard, review or ownership to any contribution material in the Arduino family.

I recommend continuing to learn with the EZ-B v4, because there's a lot more you can do with it.


Thanks for your help i will continue to learn with the ezb v 4:):)


We have a large number of fun exercises that will start posting on the website next month. We will be posting a new exercise once a week. It will be a lot of fun to follow and learn from them:)

Also, we are starting a new feature called "Ask DJ". You will be able to submit questions and i will answer the best questions in a video on how to do something. I'm going to do Ask DJ from my basement lab, where ez-robot started, so it should be a lot of fun! That will start in a few weeks as well.

Both of those new features will give you lots to do with the ez-b v4:D stay tuned!