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Evolution of Robotics, Programmable Robots, AI Winter, Surge of Personal Robots, Robotic Vision

Hi Ez-Robot friends - here is my first (of 5) talks with Irene Lyakovetsky of SaugaTalks - there is a lot of my history here of building robots (50 years ) to the present day.

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Love it! The "Incredible Tony". The interviewer had the correct. 

You just taught me a couple of new concept here. One is to always place an on/off switch on a big strong robot. The other is not to build your robot to move faster then 4MPH so you can run away from it. LOL, Love this. 

Thanks Tony! I loved this interview. You truly are incredible.
Great interview @Toymaker
  That was a great interview, always enjoy hearing from you.
Steve S
That was a good talk. I forgot about the interview - glad Tony shared it. Haven't heard much from him lately. Wonder what Tony is up to:D