First Real Robot Build :)


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Hey guys, really excited to be working on my first REAL robot.
I just finished building my 19DOF Robot and servos that I got last week
and yesterday my EZ-B V4 Controller, Camera and new 4n1 Sensor.

Once I get the rest of the parts in the mail I can continue with the build. I plan to cover the servo wires in braided wire cover to clean everything up.

I also am having a friend with a 3d printer print me JD's head in black, so then I can modify it for my needs and he will have a head. LOL

Something I have been thinking about with this huge ass robot is to try and get some more weight down low to help stabilize him. I was thinking about getting a extra set of Feet for him, and then sandwich between 2 feet pieces the largest possible battery's I can find. This would give me awesome run time having 2 batteries in him, and both of them being a large capacity.
Has anyone else done anything like that?

Really excited to have this started, and looking forward to working on this project more.


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He certainly is a big boy that's for sure. You should have a lot of fun continuing the build. I look forward to seeing what you do with him.:)
thats a big metal robot.
Sweet looking frame there.

Are you planning on building a carapace over the servos?

How tall is he ?
Thanks for the reply's!:)
I fell in love with him when I saw him, and bought him from China brackets/screws/servos/horns/
He stands 17 1/4 Inches tall, and I almost wonder if he is too big. This is the way the kit was meant to be assembled, but was thinking about changing up the legs to make him a little shorter.
With his height, I have been thinking about getting a second pair of his feet plates and getting 2 Lipo batteries that would fit in between sandwiched. I could fit in a really large battery that way giving me amazing run time and the weight would help keep him more stable.

My buddy is printing off the JD Humanoid head in black for me. I need to order the LED light array for his eyes, but have the camera. I would like eventually to build some kind of enclosure, but first need to get him working.:)