First Outdoor Test Of Ez-b V4/2 Developer Kit And Roli Rover Body


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First outdoor test of EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit and Roli Rover Body with HBridge using VLC Media Player with an Android Cell Phone and Android Belkin Netcam. EZ-B Controller connected to my home router as with the camera & cell phone. Batch (.bat) files for camera's were converted to executive (.exe) to do away with the black command screen at camea startup. Choose to use VLC because it is one of the few media players with the option "Always on Top" to keep video always in view. Distance to router was about 50 feet from router at furthest distance while outside, I was inside my home on my laptop. As you can see in video there was some video delay, may reconfig direct Wi-Fi connections to camera's for next test. All attachemnts to Roli are temp at this time just configuring software and getting to know/learn EZ-B code.

App's and Software Used.

Cell Phone App(Android)
IP Cam Free,

Batch File Converter(Windows):

VLC Media Player(Windows):

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What fun! Great job so far. Reminds me of the first time I saw images coming back from the Mars Rover.
That's awesome! I love seeing videos of ezrobots driving around - it's so neat to see what the robot sees. Such a different world at their perspective

Did you know the mobile interface can be used to control Roli from the Windows PC as well? It has controls to move the camera and drive with varying speeds. Press the Virtual Desktop #2 button to view the other interface:D

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More on virtual desktops here:
Hi Dj: I have not used it yet but know it's there, I also configured my (not the one on Roli) cell phone. Did you see my 2 year old grandson's blue stacking block I stole to mount camera board :D
That's awesome!

Your neighbors must think you're mad - like mine do about me:D

Rob_C the mad scientist!