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Ez Builder "Error At Loading Of Ippsp Libarary"?

After update today causing error, ARC starts OK but as soon as I select a project or Add an item (Camera causes the error when selected), I get the following error: Error Title: Error at loading of ippSP library Error Comment: No DLLs were found in Waterfall procedure. After error flashes ARC freezes and then closes Worked fine prior update....

Ez Builder "Error At Loading Of Ippsp Libarary"

EZ-Builder opens ok, Select a project and the error "Error at loading of ippSP Libarary", and Comment "No DLLs were found in the Waterfall Procedure" pops up and ARC freezes and the closes. Did a complete uninstall, downloaded fresh copy of latest version and the problem still persists. Help appreciated? :D
Can't Read Your Lip's

Can't Read Your Lip's

Just fooling around, Black camera display home page :D

Communications Error Ez-B V4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

When my new EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller is powered up the on board voice says "Communication Error" over and over, Pushing the reset does not reset the controller. "No Wi-Fi" signal, no connection to router. Anyone else have this problem and fix or should I file a return claim?


Brookstone is having a clearance of remaining Ezrobot part's. Add to shopping cart not working correct (3 day's ago I told them and still not fixed), mouse over the item picture and use "Quick View" then add to shopping cart. Posting here not to stop Dj from earning income more a posting to his loyal followers at a chance to save a few buck's. 50%...

Developers Kit Camera

Hi Just a quick question about Camera/Ultrasonic Distance Sensor in Developers kit. I have searched for the Camera/Ultrasonic Distance Sensor cover's and none are available even at authorized dealer's and on your site. I might suggest that the cover's and or case's be added to the kit due to open motherboards. Individual purchase of both item's...
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