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Hey guys ! Me and my father tried to connect the EZ-Robot program to RobotQuad. Unfortunately, the model of the robot was not compatible with the program. We found a new RobotQuad that was compatible. We managed to connect the program, we tested the commands to run. Soon, we will test the voice commands. It's amazing!:D:D

EZ-Jarvis is the name of our robot !


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You can look my video on RobotQuad that was not compatible but the explanations are in French, sorry !

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United Kingdom
I guess that's going to be a popular name for an EZ-Robot:)

Glad you're having fun! And to think, you have barely scratched the surface of what is achievable with the EZ-B.
Yes, when we have had time to control all functions of the program, we will create our own robot of whole cloth ! I can not wait !;)
@Rich Lol, I called dibbs Jan 2012

Awesome, I hope you enjoy him. I love seeing videos of progress and demonstrations too;)
@Josh: finish your jarvis! Lol I wanna see it work:D
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Not to hijack the thread but I second that, we need to see @Josh's Jarvis at least put back together now it's painted:)