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This is the first of many robot hacks. Its a Fisher Price animated toy I found at a local Recycle depot, batteries included and working. Only the tail has a minor defect. My question is, how to internally add servos AND EZ-B to operate the arms,legs and tail . Without using nanotechnology I hope someone on the Forum can offer a few suggestions. Creatively I could add some kind of "backpack" to contain the EZ-B and servos hmmm. Thought donations graciously accepted!:) This first draft video is a little "rough" but I wanted to get it out on the Forum! Heres the YT link......I hope it works

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I bet you can get those legs working with small servos. Looks like there's room in his main body for that at least. Hopefully DJ and his team will release that Mini EZ-B board they were showing us and talking about a few months ago. A real small EZ-B in the main body of your dino is just what you need.

I'm hoping for this release soon myself. I can really use a smaller board in the bubble of my B9 to control the lights and the camera up there. Not much room in his brain area to pack everything in that's needed.
Troy I like your idea of a "box platform" which in Dino's case would be a "rock/clif" ..This DJino haha is such a cute thing, except when it wants to chew off your hand, like a cat!
Thanks Dave , the mini EZ would be awesome to stick into the belly of the beast!
If you put it back together and covered seems with clay you could make a mold of it and then make a latex copy that has a bit more room to add servos.
Micro servos are cheep on ebay most of the time.
I just got 24 of them to play with.
When the mini EZ-B comes out you could have the new dino all ready for it.
Anyway you build it, have fun!
Thanks mcsdaver! thats a great idea. Perhaps doubling its size , while I am at it...Hes on the back burner right now while I put FRED together! A 3d printer would be able accomplish this task!
I am saving up for a 3d printer.
Might be a while as life keeps getting in the way.
build some wings to mask the servos and use wire to pull springs to push on a pully ? just a thought