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I've been impressed with some of the amazing robots (the original EZ-Robot kits and home builts) on this site and while mine is much smaller, I'm happy with it and how it is going. In 2002 & 2003, I tried making a small autonomous robot. This year, I bought an EZ-B and with the wireless monitoring of the sensors has made a huge contribution to getting it going again. Someday I may want to have the full processing on-board without WiFi, but I am far from that point.

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This video shows obstacle avoidance with 2 infrared detectors and 1 ultrasonic sonar. It also has the ability to target human/animal activity in the room to play with. The robot is built around an EZ-B v4 controller on top of the Cybot chassis and motors. The pauses are mainly to re-asses situations where sensor data is suspect to digital noise from the drive motors back on the main power supply.

My next goal is to add a sensor on the back so it can back out of situations with confidence and also to have more reliable sensor data so the robot can move more smoothly/organically around room obstacles. It would be great if I could find a way to make the gear motors more quiet too.

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Nice build. Like the thought process pause prior to movement. Makes it appear very intelligent.

United Kingdom

Nice little robot. Nicely done and thanks for sharing the video demo. The additions you plan on making should work really well.