Christmas 2011 Project


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Merry Christmas from Ohio!

My wife fell in love with Disneyland's 2011 Jack Skelington gingerbread house that appeared in this year's The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion (see below).

So she decides she wants to make one (much smaller) as this year's gingerbread house for our Christmas party and asks if I can animate it.

With the EZB in my arsenal, no problem.

The following is a list of parts-n-pieces and a video showing some of the process, testing, and the finished project. The whole project took about 3 days to complete. I had about a half day in reinforcing and animating it for her, the rest was her assembling and decorating it.


1 EZB board
1 Heavy Duty servo - Used to lift the house (gingerbread and icing is heavy)
1 Standard servo - Rotate cookie and switch lights on and off.
1 Reed Switch - Used with the servo to switch the lights on and off.
2 brass hinges
Thin Plywood to reinforce the gingerbread


Click To Watch Video

Some of the build and more video is posted here:

This was a fun little project.

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That is amazing! I totally dig that movie.