Cam's R2d2



I have been a long time member of the R2 Builders club ( and have a full sized replica of R2D2.

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Currently at conventions he is driven via RC with a Futaba radio.

I originally had an onboard mini-ITX based computer. My main motor controller is a roboteq AX3500.
I used the basic roborun software that came with that controller and could drive the robot with a cordless Saitek gamepad. However the software was very limited and I could not easily control other functions. When I first set up the RC radio to control drive and dome rotation, I switched the onboard computer to an Asus Eee box and used my HP iPaq PDA running VMC to control the computer and generate sounds and lights controls. Still - a complicated control system for limited function.

Now I have been integrating the EZ Board into the R2 and removed the PC altogether. Sound control with the MP3 trigger works awesome! I replaced my old LED dome lights with the programmable J.E.D.I. light system and am figuring how to send scripts from EZ builder to the LED light displays.

I am connecting to the EZ board with an exoPC tablet running Windows 8. I have the ThinkGeek iPad joysticks and have playing around with using them for control of driving but that has been problematic. (Can't wait for the razor fiona tablet to be available as I think it will make an excellent control for EZ robots)

Currently I am putting in an RC RX multiplexer to allow me to switch between RC control and EZ builder software control.

As I like to have complete control of R2 while driving him around at conventions and public appearances, I will keep the RC option. But really want to work in some automated EZ builder scripts to give him some animation when he is 'parked' at a public location. And also use some motion sensors to make that animation more interactive.

EZ Robot is an awesome application for my needs - and I feel I'm barely scratching the surface of what it will be capable of in this R2 of mine!!

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Nice Bot

And a Lucky R2D2 at that;)


That R2, he's always getting the girls!;)

Like I always say, "Women love robots!". :D


Hey Cam,

Your build looks great.

I also have the J.E.D.I. System.

If you have any info to share that would be awesome.

I'm probably not using half the features with the J.E.D.I. system at the moment, it's a little too complicated for me.

Kris in Red Deer, AB


Thanks Lumpy. Mine's not an all aluminum build like yours though. I have just the JEDI display system - not the whole JEDI controller system. In reading the manual for it and the Jawalite and jawascript commands... you can use the EZB to send those commands to the JEDI display. I am working on that now.

I look forward to meeting someday soon.

Cam (in 100 Mile House, BC)


Sounds good. Once I get a little further along with the EZ-B I'll start playing with making it talk to the JEDI controller.

I'm hoping to get out to 100 mile house someday soon. I believe they run some 3 Gun matches up there. :D


Wish I had one....the ez-b has great script capability for developing character


Hi Cam.

How's the multiplexer working out? Are you simply funneling all the EZ B output into the multiplexer board? There's not much documentation on that component unfortunately.




Hey Frank,

Yes - I got the multiplexor hooked up to a servo tester ($2 from ebay) that is powered through an external switch. When the switch is engaged, the servo tester sends the correct pulse to the pins on the multiplexor to switch inputs. I had thought of doing this with my own circuit using a 555 timer chip, but when I saw these testers were so cheap and built with 555 chips anyway..... Just look for one of these on ebay: The multiplexor just switches the inputs from my RC receiver to the EZ Board. It gives me 7 channels - but I am only using 4 right now.

Just got to figure out how to switch my sound system from random sounds to the EZ controlled MP3 Trigger board.....



Hi Cameron.

Thanks for the info! Another question-- what H bridge are you using?

I was going to use a Sabertooth 2x12, but it looks like people are advocating setting it's dip switches to Serial instead of R/C in order to work with the EZ -B board (not sure why exactly). From what I can tell, this would mean that I'd have to physically open up the robot to change dip switch settings every time I want to switch from R/C control to EZ-B control.

I did see DJ mention something about using Modified servo control to get the Sabertooth to work in R/C mode, but it didn't look like people were having much success that way and the last ARC software only has the Sabertooth working in Serial mode.

thanks again,