Penguin-like Robot Project!


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Ok, since I changed the plan so juristically I decided to make a new thread. Anyways heres my plan:

User-inserted image

The robots paint scheme will be sort of like a penguin. It will use a rad base, a white garbage can body, and the top of the rad torso. Still not sure on the head. I originally thought of doing an alarm clock and I modified one to ring from a trigger. now I have second thoughts. Ideas for the head?

Also, it will need a "cute" name. If anyone can think of one let me know!


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Anyone got votes on the head or name?
I like the box or round head and the names alpha, Echo, or ulix. Anyone got there vote yet?
I like a bucket shaped head... reminds me of the old lunney toons cartoon when bugs bunny dresses up like a female robot:)
@Mohamed.r, this bot is 3-4ft tall. A toilet paper roll will be too small.

Thanks for the idea Richard.
I like the lamp shade shape and think it would look great in this body. Almost like the stages in a rocket. For no reason in particular I like the name Ulix and for some reason I don't understand at all, Leroy. Those names just seem to fit the project to me. To be fair, I may be crazy.
Thanks for the input @Antron! I think ill do a mock up on the computer of the top 3 on the body and will have a final vote on them. Writing down 1 for Ulix.
I'll add that vote to the list Mel! To recap:

Names I want your final opinions on:

Post your top 3.

Head ideas:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I like the last ideas.


Here is my final deign on the shoulders. The sides will be indented.

User-inserted image

I need an arm design. Round? boxy? You tell me!
I like Leroy! Perfect name. :P
Ooooo Dewy is so cute Richard R!
Dewy is a good name! I'll call him that until I get his basic shape coming out and then will make a final name vote.
Heck, you're a teenage boy. Why go for cute? Why not name it after the first female robot ever and one of the most powerful iconic images in the history of film. "Maria" from the 1927 silent film Metropolis.

User-inserted image

Here's Maria's transformation into a humanoid:

Here's a little cut from after they transformed her into a humanoid. I had to laugh at her dance and the way the men were losing it over her in this one. Reminds me of myself in my teenage years:

I got my shipment in! *eek*:D

User-inserted image

2 ez-b's
2 l298n's
2 heavy duty servos
1 micro servo
2 cameras
happy building:D

i thought only the v4 are chipped?
Sweet Tech :)... like Christmas in June... have fun...
That is great Technopro,
I bet you are so excited to start your new build!
@nomad18.08 - We shipped EZ-B v4s, Cameras and Developer Kits in the early batch. The only plastics included were the EZ-B and Power Base shells. In total, we shipped nearly 100 EZ-B v4's and 70 Camera's. There were about 70 orders total in this batch.

Now we are preparing for mass production! The samples have come back from our factory and they are looking great:) We will share another quick update video next week.
Final post in this thread:

Sorry about this extra space in the forum. I realized that the "penguin idea" isn't in play anymore, so i'm scrapping it. I'll continue posting in the "Rover AD" thread, Even though he will be called Dewy.

The thread:
Rover AD