M2d2-the Diy Miniture R2d2 By Technopro(working Progress)


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So. I finally did it. After Dj's r2d2 started getting into every thought I had I decided to build one. I did some searching and found this instructable where a gentleman managed to build a full-sized model R2d2 out of cardboard! I'll post a link soon. I studied this for a bit. Then I started to build!

What M2D2 will be made out of is:
-A large Lysol wipe container
-hot glue
-Paper mache
-white/silver/blue/black paint

What M2D2 will use:
-2 Modified servos
-1 standard servo(normal or mini)
-mini servo+ping radar sensor

What I have done:

1.Lysol container washed out and label stripped off

User-inserted image

2.Legs drawn. This took me half an hour to go by a diagram on my laptop, run calculations for how big everything should be, and to draw it out. Since then I've drawn the rest of the leg sides. I'll be building them just like in the instructable. Again, will post a link soon.

User-inserted image

Looking for a picture or diagram that clearly shows all the detailing on r2d2's body. anyone with info or a picture for me feel free to comment. Hope to get a lot of feed back this time around.


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mainly im trying to find a pic that's shows all of r2d2's detailing. I want M2D2 to look very similar to r2d2. all the pics I find only show the front of him. Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know.
ok so I've finished cutting out the leg sides. Now i think ill start doing a search for r2d2 paint scheme/decal pics.

User-inserted image
found a link to a gallery on the amerotech website where a guy took pics of the head from every angle. link may not work, but if it does, great!


Still need 360 pics of the body and legs. anyone with info let me know! Anyone with an r2d2 toy that they modified if you could take some pics that would be great!
Found a diagram of the whole body. Yes this is for a novelty dvd player but it shows every decal there.

User-inserted image

Looking at this, I think you're right. That caster wheel you asked me about should work nicely on this build. They also have one size smaller and two or three sizes larger so you should find one that's perfect.
yea. what im thinking is:
Main feet: one servo with wheel, one swivel wheel(per foot)

Front stability foot(not built yet): one swivel wheel

Thanks for the info @Tachyon
By the looks i cant do very much else until i have servos and the new ez-b. i guess this it until Christmas.
I got a couple of 360 casters from home depot. the wheels are about 1.25 inches, and it stands 1.5 inches tall including the swivel base.


I also have ball rollers I found from a woodcraft store. it stands about 0.875 inches tall. Swivels had the shopping cart effect so I got these instead. I've yet to test them.


Awesome thread BTW! Thanks for sharing this Tech.