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Hello Everyone!

I posted a project a while back, (2014 so a wayyyyy while back) about a robot I was building that at the time I was calling J.A.R.V.I.S 
Well, shortly after I posted about that, Amazon released the Echo, I experienced a layoff cutting into my budget and then I returned to college full time to finish my degree. Needless to say, J.A.R.V.I.S was shelved and I went dormant for an extended period. That said, much has changed and I'm finally getting back into AI and robot building. I've re-purposed the parts intended for J.A.R.V.I.S and am now midway through development on my new bot, Artemis. 

Artemis is built on a Max '99 robotics platform from Zagros Robotics, two 12v motors on the wheels connecting to an H-bridge going to the EZB-V4 and a mannequin torso, with two servos in the neck for pan and tilt. Need to upgrade the battery as 6 rechargeable AA's is no longer sufficient for more than a few minutes. Have arms currently printing on my 3D printer (C3PO replicas that will take about four days to print). Originally had a small usb monitor mounted on the back that was going to connect to an on-board PC but, thanks to almost 5 years of technological advancements I'll be replacing that with an android tablet running EZ-builder. Will also be adding a camera for object tracking and facial recognition as well as multiple ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance. Been planning for a long time but just finally started building this past weekend so there is much much more to come!

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Update on Artemis. He’s recieved a paint job and is getting a head transplant. Going from an omnibot 2000 head to a Wowwee Elvis head. For those that have worked with th Elvis, would an h-bridge be sufficient to interface the mouth motor with the EZ-B? Or should I just swap it out for a servo? 
Pics are of current progression. Going to be cutting down the torso to implement the new head. Arms have been put on delay since the new head unit has its own shoulders.
Nice to see you are making progress on your project!!
Keep going!! It turning out great!!:D
I know it's just a hat but I love it! Never thought I'd see Elvas in a tophat. 

A H-Bridge will work but it's not as easy to setup and control as a servo in EZ Builder.
Thanks Dave. Thinking I may just swap out the jaw DC motor for a digital servo for simplicity. Here’s a video of where he’s at. Still using the default Elvis scripts. Mainly testing movement and balance. Got the head mounted. Just need to mod the jaw, re-route the audio, and wire the jaw servo and the heads speakers to the EZ-B. Going to be mounting his arms finally too since the head has its own shoulders they can mount to.