Alexa 21 St Century Omnibot 2000



This Alexa is a four foot tall Omnibot 2000 with all of its original functions. Plus EZB IO tiny with camera installed in it's head. Installed Amazon Echo Dot in front panel. Right arm ,hand and claw works with orIginal remote and so does its head and motorized base. Installed EZB 4 for main movement functions. Servos installed in left arm and claw. Pan and tilt servos on top off original neck . Installed 6volt and 12 volt sla batteries.. Robot does not weight more than original Omnibot except for added 12v out sla battery. Front display is a Garmin Nuvi used to display image slide show and give localization info. Ezb 4 will be controlled with Alexa via ifft. I will post updates as I can

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It is very stable and does not try to tip at anypoint.


very cool it


rb550f, That is a unique update and paint on a classic robot with nice features. Steve S


@rb550f: Thanks for sharing!

I presume you have more than omnibot body ? and the head ?


Wow so incredible! Great finishing work- very slick.


Thank you for the positive responses. I really enjoy making full size robots . It makes for a more rewarding experience to interact with. Also don't have to bend down so much with my bad back. The body was made from 1 omnibot 2000 that did work but was in bad cosmetic condition. The upper 2 body section made from broken Omnibot 5402. The head was a bit of a challenge . Made from a lighting globe with clear dome overlay, difficult and challenging. Head has built into it the pan and tilt servos and IO tiny with ezb camera. I also installed a ball caster at the base in place of the non motorized wheels,which makes the turning motion work very well.