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Here is the head movement.
I used a converted arduino uno to an ezb controller (There is an awesome tutorial on here for this) and mg90s all metal gear servos.

The robot has a full PC inserted into the chest so all is controlled directly from the robot.

I will use a window mirror screen program so the robot does not have to be connected to a monitor for it to be coded.

Also I can run the PC on batteries 2 lipo battries here is a really cool thread if you guys want to do the same with your projects 

I am Still waiting to buy a projector to project the face animation. Curently it is just funds.
I love the stewart platform design.

I used the servo Auto Position control in the Synthiam software and this movement is just head turn left right and prone with a more natural angle.
I can also do a head look up and down and fine movements as well.
Also I have the 3d printing slicer installed on the PC in the chest so in a way the robot is kinda printing its own parts.
Pretty cool

Any way here is the project and video and a photo (for some reason this thread imports it and flips the photo sideways).

And the link to the project so far everything is open source and free to download

Thank you for this awesome software to use it really is amazing 

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That's some massive stuff going on there...great to see you are still working on your project!!
It will be awesome!!:)