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A lot of us on this forum have built the "Inmoov" human sized humanoid robot, and ALL the parts are 3D printable and open sourced from the Inmoov Website and a lot of modified parts on thingiverse.
We have built the Inmoov and incorporated the EZB platform, rather than the Arduino S/W which is on the Inmoov website!

See:   http://inmoov.fr/
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Here's a sample of many videos I have of my Inmoov, other folks on this forum have done some amazing stuff with their Inmoov.

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I know of the inmoov project and am trying to go in a different direction. For example the servos I am designing my robot for are normally used in exoskeletons. My robots head is a screen for a projector and the responses will be facial animated along with tts speech. The ezb robot platform is awesome for humanoids. I am sure there is room in this world for at least 2 humanoid robots. Trying to make this one as strong as I can so it can lift some serious weight. I will post any updates. Cant wait to get stuck in now I finally have my EZB
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I would certainly be interested in what you are trying to achieve, EZB platform is amazing and so easy to use, once you get the hang of it.
Have fun with the EZB controller, you will definitely enjoy it!

Can you send a photo of the type of Servos your talking about.

By the way, were about in the UK do you live?
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I used to live in brighton I moved. I live in the north of Sweden now. Here are the motors I will have 5 for each arm. Super strong. I had to remodel all the parts just to fit these motors. 

Now I am just waiting on 2 things money for the motors and the 3d printing filiment. the part files are ready
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What was really cool was the 100 percent stewart platform that I made. can be used for 6 dof of freedom thats what I am using for the neck.
Welcome to the forum!!
Awesome robot, cannot wait to see it in action!!:D