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Ok so with the Synthiam servo Auto Position software feature and 2 servos missing. (Still have to order those)
I think I have a nice natural movement with my robot
All the files for the robot are free here https://www.thingiverse.com/3d_printing_doctor/designs

I am just one monkey in a man suit.

I would love more makers to jump on board to print and remix what I have done so far.
Currently I have a total of one maker remixing my leg files for different types of drill motors.

I want to thank you guys and especially DJ Sures for making this awesome ez to use platform.

I think finally maybe I can pay for the projector for the face on the 25th of this month, 


I have added an omni directional conference mic now. I love the voice recognition in this software.
The LCD projector was a bust the image was too faded. So that was a waste of time n money.
So now I have purchased a DLP projector and it is on its way.

I am using stepper motors with pololu TICS to drive the shoulders and main joints of the arms.
The TICS I saw in a thread on here and after researching them they are really awesome to drive stepper motors.
And have a home position out of the box if you add micro switches and to drive the steppers at very high speeds.
I found this really cool 3d printed harmonic drive which uses nema 17 stepper motors and creates high torque.
Which I am testing at the moment (I am still waiting on my TIC to arrive) 

I would love it if synthiam could add the TICS as an add on here like the auto positioner animation function for servos
The tics are really good for driving stepper motors. And have support for python c+ arduino e.t.c
It would be nice to have a control like an auto positioner plugin that uses the tic drivers.

Here is the video of the voice recognition working

@DJSures (I know in that thread you was talking a bit about the tics) 
With these 3d printed harmonic drives I think they are a really good match to use in the synthiam software and supported via an an auto positioner plugin.

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User-inserted image

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Oh wow - thank you for sharing! That is such great movement. I always knew the Auto Position had the potential for that fluid movement. Others (like Will) use the servo Recorder to record motion using the touch panel. The Auto Position does provide a lot more control over the motions, so you do have a lot to work with.

Think i'm most excited about the projector for the face. That is going to be real awesome. Do you have ideas on how to render the face expressions and such?
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DJ Sures
Me too:D
I can plug it in straight away.
As it is acting like a second monitor. I have the face ready so I can use Synthiam to call up either windows media player or vlc media player and play an idle position animation video on a 30sec loop. And in that loop the face expressions will change. Like eyebrows raising and eyes blinking moving around and the mouth moving open close happy sad frustrated e.t.c
Then I can overly a response video over that that closes when finished playing.
I am using a software called crazy talk https://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/
As they have an auto face animation. What is great about this software is that you can copy paste text from notepad and it auto animates and lip syncs audio over that.  
Then like a puppetier you can tweak it because the auto animate is far from perfect.
But it works
I have done the Idle loop animation and am ready to go. I will be able to share my project folder for crazy talk soon so people can just have it straight away.
My profile is AVA'S face on here and on youtube,
I self taught my self  (thanks youtube) modelling and texturing so I could change there default face texture. I use various model photos for reference.
What I really want to use is an AI company called https://www.soulmachines.com/
I have reached out to them twice so far.
But I get it there a big company
There virtual faces have an AI brain in them that learn human emotion fear e,t,c as they based the AI on our own brains.
Super cool
And I could just install it in the PC as AVA is running on windows 10
I cant afford it if they want to sell it to me. Maybe?
I can start with my solution so others can just have something quick.
But soul machines are the way to go definitely
Maybe in the future I can get it.
I tried to upload the idel video in a zip file but it stuck on the uploading screen here and I have had to retype this whole message again lol
Well it is what it is:D
I am gonna copy and paste this this time and try to upload at least a photo of the face from the video.
Nice it worked.
All black will not project light. 
I will use a mirror to short throw the projector
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Hey, I think I missed out on these actuators that you are building...how is the noise, how is the backlash and reducition ratio!!

I would like to know more about it!!:)
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Hey mickey.
So The noise is awesome very robotic. 
Still waiting on my tick. 
This harmonic drive design is not mine here is the link.


I am remixing the drives. Because the flex spline gear part was a bit to weak.
Here is the tic video. Which I think are an important part to have to run stepper motors. And make the drive smart. 
Hope it helps.
P.s If there is any backlash. I already have made a remix to have 4 bearings instead of 2.
These drives have high torque which I will also test
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User-inserted image

With the 6000 type bearings in.  Come on tic..................
Nice, I am currently trying different types of gearboxes that are 3d printable...currently I am testing a cycloidal reducer!

But strain wave and harmonic reducers are also something I would like to look at!!

I am curious about your results!!
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Any updates? So what happened, it seems like all the links are dead. I was looking forward to the end.