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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Servo Wont Move Until Second Servo Moves First

Hi all,

I have several EZB's in my robot with servos attached to the EZB on connection 2 in ARC. I've got a weird issue I can't figure out with a servo attached to that EZB's D0 port.

My problem servo is attached to port D0 with 5 other servos attached to other digital ports, D2 through D6 with D2 not being used. They all work fine except the one attached to D0. Whether using scripts or a slider control, It will not respond until the servo on D3 moves first. As the servo on D3 starts moving I'll see the unresponsive servo on D0 twitch and then that servo is able to be moved. 

Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas?


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Sure it’s not a loose wire?

You can put a volt meter on d0’s gnd and signal. See if there is a voltage. I think you should see around 1.5 or higher voltage when moving to 180 degrees. 

That way you can rule out the port being bad.
Loose wire? I'll check but it's really constant that the servo on D0 won't move until the one on D3 moves first. No matter how much the robot moves around first. I'll do some more troubleshooting and check it out.
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hi dave 

did you try another servo on D0  and see maybe servo went bad .
@Nomad, I'll be trying that and more today. I'll post back on what I find.
It may be a setting in a script somewhere I have at in ARC. I'm going to start a new project to see if that solves it.
hi dave 

yeach if you have allot off scripts it can be confusing .
Found it! @DJ, you were 100% correct. I found a connector between two servo cables that had pulled a little lose. They were only making intermittent contact when the other servo moved. Thanks!