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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

No Grid Lines And Camera Freeze

i notest the augemented reality doesn work.
i also dont see grid lines.when i clicl attach the camera dont move.?

User-inserted image

thank you anyone

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#20   — Edited
yes the previous augmented reality did work

Camera overlay stops the camera also

no, I do not a fix for the new one

my debug says:

2019/12/27 10:18:05 -06:00 Error Camera.threadProcessor: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'AForge.Imaging.UnmanagedImage EZ_B.Camera.get_GetOutputBitmap()'.
at Augmented_Reality.FormMain.Camera_OnNewFrame()
at EZ_B.Camera.OnNewFrameHandler.Invoke()
at EZ_B.Camera.TxApqqapgR()

Also the synthiam app store does not populate

Camera overlay stops also

DJ will fix this I am sure
it works great.i didn know there was a version 6.

thank you dj
#23   — Edited
loading the augmented reality plugin before start ez -builder - that worked

I tried the camera overlay downloading first, then load ARC - that worked
jd battle with augmented reality

very good augmented reality