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Your link to the servo info shows nothing. 

Do you have data sheets for the servos? Do the data sheets guarantee 0 to 180 degree motion? If not I'd say no.
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Looking to the specs:


Working frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us
far left position = 900 us / far right position = 2100 us / middle position = 1520 us

EZB4 controller uses the following servo frequencies:
far left position (1) =  560 us / far right position (180) = 2140 us 

Using EZB4 controller + DS1509MG:
position < 40 = ignored
position 40 on EZB = 902.33 us is the 0 position on your servo
position 176 on EZB = 2096.11 us is the 176 position on your servo.
position > 176 = ignored

this is hardcoded in the EZBv4 firmware there is no way to change.

that is correct what you wrote.i set it low 40 and high 140.
i need a low profile servo.
thank you ptp

1) use the current servo and you need to do some calculations:
position 40 =  far left position on your servo
position 108 = middle position on your servo
position 176 = far right position on your servo

2) stick with EZ-Robot servos are the only one 100% compatible with EZBv4 servo frequencies.
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I have several servos that have the same frequency as the above servo and DO NOT move the full degrees as well. I've tried it with EZB 4/2 but what about some of the other boards that are now supported? If the issue is hard coded to the firmware on the EZB do we have the same limitation on say the ardurino as an example?
i dont have room for a big servo.am making a turning waist for jd.
the waist would be too big.this is test nr 3.one more to go.
the servo will be covered.
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