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Extension From Ezrobot Camera Lens To The Module

Looking for an extension from the camera lens to the module board.  I was hoping for maybe a foot to 2 foot long maybe a little shorter.  I don’t know what the part is called and was hoping some someone knows where I could get an extension? so I could place the camera lens in a specific spot that is very tight and then connect it back to the main camera module board.

thank you all in advance for your suggestions and help.

Thanks, merne

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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#1   — Edited
You can contact ezrobot at their website for their product. The website is www.ez-robot.com

i doubt that exists. But good luck!
Thanks DJ!

ez-robot is not allowing support questions.

i’m hope someone on this forum my have and answer.   If I new the name of the connector it would help to search the internet.

thanks, merne
Crazy / something like that does exist! Well done ptp
Hi Ptp, thanks very much!

I’ve been busy with other issues and a broken 3D printer.  I know someone would know the parts needed!

thanks again!