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Q & A Input Question

So, I would like my robot to be able to ask people questions, and save their responses as variables. Idealistically, I would love this to be verbal/audio input. I have installed D J's "Total Speech Recognition" control... but I don't have an external mic yet ( and even so it is self-described as "sometimes acceptable"). In the meantime, as I work on it, I would like to be able to write scripts that are able to wait for 'input' from a user, for example;

SayEZwait ( "What is your favorite movie ?")
input ($MovieName)

But this doesn't seem supported in EZ-Scrip, or am I missing something? If there's a tutorial I haven't seen it. Thanx in advance for any help!

** addendum
** ** I have been trying to say"Thank you" for the help, but each time I click "Post Comment", my web browser freezes. Lets hope it works this time..
But bottom line, BING speech excluded, my question still is basically; Is there No way to write an EZ_Script that inputs user data? thanks again in advance.

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I updated the total speech recognition control manual to include links to proper controls that you should be using. 

The bing speech recognition control has a short tutorial that explains how to combine it with the pandorabot control to have conversations. That's a good place to start.
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bing speech recognition control and Pandora Bot work well

In Response script  put = under the java tab - Audio.say(getVar("$BingSpeech"));

User-inserted image

then in Bing - all Recognized Script put - ControlCommand("PandoraBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)

save both and star talking  - you will get an answer

 User-inserted image


#4   — Edited
no, not both java tabs

just follow the screen,  put in what I suggested, doc

In the pandora bot program put In Response script put = under the java tab - Audio.say(getVar("$BingSpeech"))

under EZ-scrip - In the Bing program - all Recognized Script put - ControlCommand("PandoraBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)