Upgrade to ARC Pro

Unleash your robot's full potential with the cutting-edge features and intuitive programming offered by Synthiam ARC Pro.


NICE! Can my Wall-E join you?:D


I'm going to use the Mini servo Magnetic clutches to attach Wall-E's arms.

We'll see how that works out.

I told the wife she won't see me for a month now. She seemed happy?


That's interesting, never heard of it. Details?

I'm not married yet so I can have all the freedom while i still can:)


Thanks. Can't wait to see how that work out. Keep us posted.


lol the wives don't understand the addiction:D My girlfriend busted me for watching tv with Phil lol She has her hobbies too (cakemaking, crocheting, PINTEREST lol), but can't seem to understand why I'm so hooked on my project lol:D


Wow dude that was a big order.bim interested to see what you build.


Sometimes.... I think I started EZ-Robot so I can not feel insane. Or at least, not feel insane alone. It's good to see I've finally found others that share my addiction:)


Good thing this isn't drug but better health wise or is it DJ? getting enough sleep there? Hope you do:)


"We are EZ-Robot. Raise your shields against unrelated spousal distraction and surrender your time. We will add your coding and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your schedule will adapt to service robots. Resistance is futile.":D


I have found that my Robot addiction has a higher WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) than my foray into home automation.

For home automation, she didn't get the "cool" factor, and only appreciated it when it worked perfectly. If anything didn't work I got a lecture on this amazing invention... The light switch. lol.

Robots, she isn't happy about the expense because she still doesn't really get why a grown man is playing with toys, but she at least doesn't mind since they don't interfere with her ability to turn on the lights....



You're right the WAF is a lot higher when it doesn't affect there day to day. But my wife says I have to wait till Christmas for my first kit. Damn the wait is going to kill me.:(

she understands that I am forced to get older but I'll never grow up:D

Rural Geek

Soon my robots and I will take over the WORLD.....

Well maybe the basement..

If my wife let's me.



I do what ever the hell I feel like when ever the hell I want to and nobody is going to stop me as long as the wife says it's ok!:)


it never ends!

Another Omnibot arrived today. lol

Now up to the following:

(3) Omnibot's (2) Wall-E (1) AR Drone (2) Roomba's (1) Robosapien (1) Hasbro R2-D2 (1) Full Size R2-D2

Going to be a busy winter...