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Ziggy The Hexapod

I've got around to installing the EZB into my old Hexapod robot called 'Ziggy'

Been playing around with the servo Auto Position control, Ziggy waking up and doing exercises! :)

Having trouble with smoothing out his walking gait, used tripod & ripple gait methods still needs work on these, and post when I have something worth showing!



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@Chris... First time I have seen an ezb4 on a non Six hex... Nice work. Are those legs 3 degs of freedom each?

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Yes, 3 degs of DOF per leg.

The chassis is really to heavy, along with 20x MG996 Servos and I think that is one of the reasons I don't get a smooth walk gait?

Also the battery drains down to quickly, and need a high capacity (amps), but that will just add additional weight to the unit.

Anyway after seeing your Inmoov and other folks who have started these, I'm thinking of not spending more time on this, and use the EZB and some of the Servos for that project. But need to think about a 3D printer first! :)


Nice work @cem! Your hexapod looks really smooth and stylish.


NIce, I'm working on the same started printing out the parts..


Hi, i have hexapod similar to yours but now i am facing 2 main problem, the first that the battery runs out very fast (lipo 7.4 v 5A Wild Scorpion), second once i connect the battery to the EZB all servos move randomly which make all legs stuck which make the EZB hanging and not even start so please can you help?

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I been using a 7.4v 5.5amp Lopo battery and isn't to bad.

Regarding the legs moving random on connecting to the EZB, I had this problem and got around it by putting a script commend in the 'Connection' box' so as soon as it connects, it run that script.


Thank you for you reply, but could you please give me the brand name of the battery. regarding the Script could you please make it clear more like where i can find connection box ? and example of script you wrote.

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My battery is made by Turnigy. ROAR APPROVED TURNIGY LIPO BATTERY 2S 7.4v 5500mah 20-30C TRAXXAS HPI

In the Control Connection box, click the 'cog' symbol next to the EZB controller your connecting with, eg: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4

This opens a Setting box, under the 0 connection click the 'pen' symbol far right, which should open a Event EZ-Script Editor box, and type in your script you want it to do on connection, this is what I have.

Sleep(1000) ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionAction, "Rest") SetVolume(200) SayEZB ( "Hello" ) sleep (1000) SayEZB ( "My name is Ziggy") sleep (1000)

I hope this helps!


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In the script it should be closed brackets where the smiley faces are, as below:

Sleep(1000) ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionAction, "Rest" ) SetVolume(200) SayEZB ( "Hello" ) sleep (1000) SayEZB ( "My name is Ziggy" ) sleep (1000


;) or the compact version....

ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionAction, "Rest" )
SayEZBWait ( "Hello, my name is Ziggy" )

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Thanks, the reason why I had a sleep between the 'Hello' and 'my name is Ziggy' was it said it to fast and you couldn't hear the Hello clearly.

Anyway your getting like Rich correcting scripts! ;)


Hmmm, there was nothing wrong with your script.... I just made it more efficient :P.... Funny thing is DJ altered one of my inMoov scripts to be more efficient. Something that I didn't see, but he saw... I had a few nested if statements that he was able to condense and eliminate the clutter... Sometimes another pair of eyes can help out....

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Only joking Richard, I'm more than happy in folks correcting my poor attempt of scripting!

And hopefully when I get my InMoov finished ( or at least the Head ) I'll be coming to you and other folks regarding scripting, especially around speech recognition etc, etc. :)

Cheers, Chris.


Hi guys, finally i tried the script you give me and i have now 2 problems, 1st this script start after the EZB connected the computer, actually it not fix the main problem witch all servos move randomly once i start the robot even before the EZB start. 2nd the program giving a message that it can't find the commend rest.

so please advise

thanks A.Aranda

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Post the scripts, and I sure someone will be able to help if I can't.



Hello A.Aranda,

To address the first item you posted, please note that due to the nature of analog servos they will move a bit on power up. This is normal.