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because you have completed a lesson that is not displayed on the tutorials - sounds strange, I know - but that's the way it is :)


Nomad! Your an over achiever! Your too good for the tutorial system! :P ;)



i will need the tutorials always.and thru am a perfectionist whits is a bad thing to have.averthing can always get a little better.( restless brain ).

thanks dj

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I noticed this earlier today, not really a big deal since the learn section is constantly being updated and soon it'll catch up.

However, as for perfectionist... dude, look up the word perfectionist;) Bad spelling, no punctuation, difficult to understand posts and incorrect grammar amongst countless other topics and posts suggest that you are as far from being a perfectionist as I am from being sloppy. No offence meant, I just felt like picking you up on it but if that's the post of a perfectionist then what in the blue Hell does it make me?.. :)



you can be a perfectionist in heart,but not in doesn matter. ones the drive is there you go for it. there are two people ,the one that always complain or like me try to fix it. am not offended but you take it to much personal. :D


Perfectionism is a addiction that can consume you. I've been recovering from this from years. However it's something that is very handy and rewarding to unleash when needed. Sadly once the beast is loose it's hard to put the collar back on. eek


@Rich LOL.... Hmmmm "you can be a perfectionist in heart,but not in" Nomad's got you there, Rich..... :P



you know it.and it can be very costly

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"Perfectionism, in psychology, is a personality trait characterized by a person's striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations. It is best conceptualized as a multidimensional characteristic, as psychologists agree that there are many positive and negative aspects. In it's maladaptive form, perfectionism drives people to attempt to achieve an unattainable ideal, and their adaptive perfectionism can sometimes motivate them to reach their goals. In the end, they derive pleasure from doing so. When perfectionists do not reach their goals, they often fall into depression."

I will give you that there are two kinds of perfectionist. Normal perfectionist and neurotic perfectionist. Normal perfectionists are more inclined to pursue perfection without compromising their self-esteem, and derive pleasure from their efforts. Neurotic perfectionists are prone to strive for unrealistic goals and feel dissatisfied when they cannot reach them.

I honestly wouldn't class you as either type @Nomad. You may want to be a perfectionist ("perfectionist in heart" as you put it) however you would have strived to achieve flawlessness which would show through, at least a little in everything you do. For instance, you would at least use the shift key on the keyboard to capitalise people's names or the first letter of a sentence. You would use the spacebar to insert the required space after punctuation marks. You would go back and edit posts where you made a typo and didn't notice until after posting.

You describe drive and motivation. This is something quite different. It's something you have but it's not the psychological trait of perfectionism.

@Dave, perfectionism isn't always a bad thing. I pride myself on being a perfectionist - heck I even have a camellia as part of my sleeve tattoo to signify this. However, it is a bad thing when you get paid by the hour and need to put in a time sheet for 18 hours for writing a simple document that would take anyone else half the time because they wouldn't care about the formatting :)

Anyway, I digress :)



so am higly motivated ,but not a perfectionist.thats good to hear. and all you wright is thru.



@Rich, Yes it is a good thing most of the time. Today's world needs more people in it that suffer from perfectionism. It would be a better place for us all. However it does make life harder for us that practice it. It has brought my lift to a stand still at times.

The thing I've found is that it's all about balance in how you approach it. If I want a perfectly clean house I'd drive myself crazy running around picking up and straightening up everything or make others crazy trying to make them do it. However I unleash it in the things that really matter to me like building my robot.