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Asked — Edited

Wrong Pics In The Learn And Ez Builder Win7

i found a bad pic in the learn section.if you follow this jd trows his arms backwarts.
in win7 the assemble course is also the wrong pic.
win8 is correct.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

just finiched callibration off tree robots,all works perfect.

2x jd/1x roli


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United Kingdom
And you have the same version of ARC on both computers?

Either way, the EZ-Bit connectors do not only fit one way, they fit in 4 different ways. Set the servo to position 90 and then attach the arm as required, it will not throw it backwards. Provided the EZ-Bit connector is square (as shown saying ok) there will not be a problem.
hi rich

bolt pc has latest version.destop is win7/laptop is win8
these pics are made from these pc's.
United Kingdom
See my edit, it's irrelevant if you follow calibration correctly and attach the arm correctly. The orientation of the EZ-Bit connector on the torso does not matter provided it's square and not offset to an angle when at position 90.
it does matter when you follow the tutorial and set the bit connector like in the pic.
jd trows his arms backwarts and none off dj pose will work.
but lets see what dj thinks off this topic.
i did it twice today in win8 whit the good pic.best working jd's i had.
all moves are perfect,very little noises only some 2 sec.
United Kingdom
This is from my copy of ARC running in Windows 7.
User-inserted image

Again, make sure you are running the same version of ARC on both computers. Operating system will not affect the images shown since there is only one download for Windows which covers Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also make sure you have sync'ed EZ-bits so that the same models are being used by the different PCs.

However, again, please read what I have written. You can connect an EZ-Bit to another EZ-Bit at either 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees or 0 degrees. Provided the arm is positioned correctly it does not make a difference if the shoulder connector is at 90/270 degrees or 0/180 degrees.

Do I need to demonstrate this in a video for you to understand it?
How would that be possible if you have the same ARC version and the same identical project loaded both PCs?... What does it matter what version of windows if everything else is identical?
I just checked. My win 8 and win 7 have the same picture as @Rich just posted....
wow thats funny.how can that be?
United Kingdom
Not sure, it's as funny as how it can be explained to you what to check for above but still have the question asked I guess...

Ensure you are running the same version of ARC on both PCs.
Ensure you have the same EZ-Bits sync'ed.

I would suggest re-syncing your EZ-Bit library.

However it still stands that the arm can attach to that part 4 different ways. Following the instructions and calibrating correctly will result in a perfectly working robot no matter if the shoulder bit is at 0/180 or 90/270 degrees.

i check the libery.as for the jd brothers they work perfect.
i will post video later

thank you

i saw some diff pics and i thought ,whoops this is wrong.
averything works great now.

thank you