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Wowee Mips Robot

So, I have finally got new notebook computer, a Dell with Windows 7 on it. Even downloaded latest EZ builder. Has anyone had luck with trying to control that new Wowee MIPS robot. Im just finding out it requires Bluetooth. Sadly I'm unable to get the Iphone APP to download either, so I cannot test anything that way. Im assuming I need a Bluetooth adapter, so any suggestions one one?



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Here's the release notes for the update which included the MIPS control.

If it uses bluetooth then yes you will need a bluetooth adapter on your PC provided this is how it is used in ARC - there is no mention of any modifications required for use. However DJ did state that this is the first thing which uses the UART port (unless I have misunderstood).


hi robohappy

can you download the app thru your notebook?and download from there to your phone?


Well, I was able to download it to my iTunes app, but still unable to download it to the phone.


i think you need to download from itunes to your pc.then connect your cell to pc whit cable..


There are a ton USB Bluetooth adapters on eBay.... I have something very similar to this Bluetooth and it works perfectly....


The mip is controlled by the ezb v4 only and uses the uart peripheral port.

We will eventually have a tutorial:)


Oh ok, Thanks for that info DJ, and to everyone with their input. I did discover this new laptop does in fact have built in Bluetooth, and it can even pick up my Iphone. Have been able to download the Iphone app to my ITunes on this pc, just unable to get it to transfer over to the phone. I do have a call into the Wowee people for about this too.


I was curious. What advantages there was to controlling the mips. What more could you make it do? Maybe I need to think outside of the brain for this one. What are some of the advantages?


So is there support to control the Wowee with the ez-b v3?


I thought the MIP connected directly to ARC.... sans ezb controller...


I just read how to use it... It says it is hackable using the uart port on the ezb4 (transmit and receive)... The ezb3 does not have the ability to receive data so if controlling the mip requires sending data back to the ezb then the ezb3 won't work....