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Hey Tech, I can verify that it looks good!


I have not used the 1084 but this is the wiring i use for 7805

I'm wondering why you are not using capacitors with the regulator between.

User-inserted image

the blue bar at top will be ground and the red bar is regulated 5v.


Good call with the missing Caps @Luis

The LM1084 does have a different pinout than the classic 7805, it's more like a LM317 pinout


I have soldered dozens of LM7805s into servo extension cables... all without caps... They seem to work flawlessly with pings and other 5v sensors I have been using. I have even used them with micro servos... Why do we need the caps?


Caps are used for input line filtering and keeping the output voltage stable (less voltage sag) when in high current demand situations.


I understand what a cap does... but with a device like a ping that uses such a low amount of current, would that still be an issue?


You won't need a cap:) As an electrical engineer, jeremie is trained to make everything super stable. However, the device you are connecting to the LM1084 most likely has a filter cap of it's own - otherwise i'm certain it isn't a microprocessor that you're running so it'll be fine :D


no that would be find to run the ping sensor with out the caps. but if you did use the caps then you could make a 5 v. break out because most of the other sensors will be looking for 5v. so you may can use it to power other such devices.


Hey guys...

I use this setup, but there's hardly and light coming from lights I wired up. (Yes they do light up on 5V from another battery pack) Direct to the battery the lights are bright as day. Going from my science homework, do I need a resistor or something before the power enters the regulator?

Any ideas?


Use a voltmeter and measure the input and output voltages.


Here's what I just got on ebay. They're small so they don't take up much room, input 4.75 to 20 vdc, output 1 to 17 vdc @ 1.8 amps.

User-inserted image


Thanks, but I want to figure out why these don't work. I found that the regulator has an ADJ mark on it, though the regulator on the ez-b v3 has a 5.0 mark instead. Could this be I got the wrong one?


Sounds like maybe you got something like a NTE1929 by mistake. They look about the same. I ordered an LM1084 from an ebay seller and wound up getting a TIP310C transistor instead. It was only like $1 so I didn't bother trying to return it.



Any ideas? Does everyone think I got duds? Or is there something related to the ADJ marking on them.


There is an adjustable version of the LM1084, and that is what you have.

"The LM1084 is available in an adjustable version, which can set the output voltage with only two external resistors. It is also available in three fixed voltages: 3.3V, 5.0V and 12.0V. The fixed versions intergrate the adjust resistors. "

My ability to read schematics is too out of practice to follow the diagram on that page, but apparently you use resisters to set the adjustable output.



@Tech... How Many do you need? I have some LM1084 (5V versions)... Just need your mailing address so I can mail them out to you....


Thanks Richard, but I'm not comfortable with giving out my mailing address. Thanks for the offer though. I guess I have to buy the right version this time.


No worries... I was going to give you them for free... If you want them email me at ryersonroofing(at)yahoo dot com



Yes, according to the ebay title, they would appear to be the ones you seek.


Hi @Technopro,

You could still use the adjustable version of the LM1084 if you have a few common resistor values and follow the pictured diagram:

User-inserted image

Use a R2 value of 1kohm and an R1 value of 330ohms and it should give you a value of 5V. Equation is 1.25V(1 + R2/R1) = 1.25V(1+1000/330) = 5.04V


Thanks Jeremie, but I don't have any resistors or anything like that. I still have to order the diodes for those relays!

I sure hope they are Robot-doc!