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Wiring Diagram EZB To Arduino UNO For Wheel Encoder Skill

Does anyone have a wiring diagram to connect an EZB, Arduino UNO and two continuous servos to use the Wheel Encoder Skill?

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Ok. That section refers to connecting a BN-880 compass. I have the EZB controlling 3 continuous rotation servos, each of which needs to have rotations counted by the Wheel Encoder Counter. I can't grasp how the servos can be controlled by the EZB and the UNO receive data on their rotation. Obviously something I am missing here.


Click on the link, DJ post #1

. Read that manual one that link comes up from top to bottom stopping at B 880 campus.

read it several times it’s all there that Dj postage you the link.

also, watch the entire video that Dj has also posted on the same link

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I don't see any info about a compass in DJ's link.