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Wireless Connection To Arduino?

I’m building Spot Micro Next. The base design uses a Arduino Mega.  I’d like to use ARC to program the robot.   Has anyone worked out how to wirelessly interface to an arduino with ARC?

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If there’s a wireless shield then you’d probably only need to change the com port. 

otherwise you can use a esp32

but I think your best option would be to put a rock pi or raspberry pi 4 32gb in there. You can install windows 11 on raspberry pi 4.
Does the rock pi or raspberry pi have an advanced enough CPU that Windows 11 will install? I did a win 11 install check from Microsoft website on my Win 10 Dell laptop (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.70 GHz). It said my CPU wouldn't run Win 11. I was a little surprised but I really don't know much about win 11.
It's not about being "advanced". It's about supporting a chipset with a feature for security. Windows 11 requires the security chipset and most laptops/computers don't have it. The raspberry pi 4 does.  I don't know about the rock pi, but it can run windows 10 no problem.

The raspberry pi 4 requires windows 11, it doesn't run windows 10 well enough. Windows 11 on a raspberry pi 4 runs great. I have the 32gb version an it's fantastic with an SSD
Where did you get the windows 11 image for the pi? How much ram does your PI have?
DJ, the link says to use a 32GB ram RPI 4.  I can only find 2,4, and 8gb ram units.   Did the instructions I’m the link intend fo say 32GB SD card?
Ooops yes - i will have the link corrected. It's 8gb of ram is the ideal option. Otherwise use a Rock Pi/x which i believe is about the same cost?
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DJ, what about using a iotiny plus a IIC connected either to an arduino mega or PCA9685 to control the 5v servos. I can add a single voltage regulator for the 8 servos. This way I could use the servo tools in ARC to automate the legs.  How would I map the servos?
Yet another option.. I found this thread in an arduino Bluetooth communicton scheme to ARC.

#33 Feb 2019
Any for that board will work. They just create a virtual COM port in Windows, which you select in ARC.

could I just use a Bluetooth module on the mega work and connect the it ASAP serial port to the pc? Load the ARC mega firmware to the board and massage in the Bluetooth code?