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Wifi Question

Hi, i have a robot i am building and want to have robot in 1 house and computer in my other house. I just got the wifi Uart-Wifi module(did not get it to work yet)is this a good path to take or should i look into something else?I realy dont want to put a computer on it thanks tom User-inserted image


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What's the range you are after ?

Wifi Or Xbee could both be options.


whole house but like i said (robot in 1 house and computer in my other house)


I believe they are asking how far are your houses apart. Is the house right next door almost touching the first house, or is it down the block? The other side of town? In another city? etc.

Usually, wireless works for a matter of feet, not miles.


From how it was explained to me you would at least have to have some sort of computer set up at the house to establish a wifi network. Unless they are just about touching.


You can control your bot anywhere thru web browser interface, so the range isn't limited, just need to have a pc near your robot and the other pc at your house controlling it thru web interface.


houses are 5 miles apart,i was hoping i could leave robot in house 1 (have robot linked to router)and computer in house 2 (linked to router) and use ip adress to link them togeather


You'll have no camera then, unless your using a Wifi camera too. The EZ-Robot camera may use the same radio band as Wifi, but it only communicates to its USB receiver.

You don't have to put the computer on the robot, but one nearby/in the remote house running ARC is pretty much required. If the computer at your house is the one with the EZ-B smarts on it & the internet between the houses fails, your bot would lose its brain, possibly be left driving & crash & damage something.


i have ip foscam camera on it now working with the ez-b program. maby i will look into a mini pc to put on it and use my android phone with phonemypc(phonemypc works great) to control manual when i want to


Hi Pittom,

The range on the Uart-Wifi module won't get you too far AP to Module...maybe one house over if you are lucky. XBee or Synapse have much better range for serial communications from what I have seen. If you have wifi at both locations this is doable with IP port forwarding.

I am also having a bit of trouble getting my Wifi UART to work with ARC...there are a few in the forums that have. I have not spent too much time on it lately but will be picking it back up soon.




hi kevin,

i can't get my Uart-Wifi module to work yet with EZ, but that is what i was thing IP port forwarding


did anyone get the Uart-Wifi module to work yet confused mad