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Whats In The Rafters

Hello just sitting here looking at the cam feeds and wondering just what everyone in looking at in the rafters in the back room


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What do you mean Wolfie? Were we all standing around looking up? Sometimes I have no idea what we are doing:)
United Kingdom
All I can see is some crazy people still working at gone 3AM!..:) says the guy who never sleeps...
Awile ago i seen a few of you standing in the back room close to the wall you took you looking up i got the feeling that something got stuck up there like the AR Drone or that you was discussing a good place to put a webcam or something
There was afew times after that ppl was back in the same spot having another look
I got the feeling that you all are planning something....probly something cool knowing you lol :P

Ok i just had another close up look and i think i see a blue bucket
Is there a leak ¿ is that what you was looking at ¿
Yep, there was a leak yesterday, good observation @Wolfie!
The AC unit in the offices above us ended up springing a little bit of a leak... nothing too bad though. Thankfully, no robots were hurt:)
That's funny and crazy at the same time! I knew when we installed the cameras that people would be watching... It's pretty awesome to experience the interaction:D
I think it is Obama spying on us! Lol
@Alan Sheesh flooding from below....and...above! Hopefully you guys are done with water issues! I think the cams are fun too.....It would be fun to have Neik dressed up so we can ALL keep an eye on him:) (including his parents haha)