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What Was Your First Robot?

While going through a few old photos I stumbled upon one of me with my first robot which I can recall having. And since the forum is largely all been questions about robots or technical stuff with very little "chit chat" I thought I would prompt something a little more social:)

Circa 1984/85 or somewhere around there I would guess, here is a 4 or 5 year old me with my very first robot... I'm no "Whovian" but is that a K9 I had?

User-inserted image

I believe this may also have been the same robot that my brother tipped a glass of water in to the battery compartment after we had a fight over something, it may have been the other robot I vaguely have memories of (however couldn't describe it and haven't seen a photo which triggered the "I had that one").

Anyway, what was your first robot? What happened to it? Do you still have it?


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In the late 60's/ early 70's I had one if those Japanese tin ribots that would walk/roll turn , his chest would open and he would make ray gun sounds and lights would flash in his chest. I don't recall having other robot toys but I did have a Steve Austin Bionic Man and some GI Joe sized Bionic guy with see through arms and legs.

I made numerous robot costumes for Halloween, usually consisting of spray painted boxes and dryer hose and assorted electronic bits from my Dad's tool box.

i got my first robot very late.i was 45 years old.i do had some action mans and a bionic man like alan.collection off mattel the big jim series.then i bouth an isobot,
whits i still have.i cant recall where they all went.
Not really a robot, however I got my start at 12 years old. For my birthday my dad got me a 10 in 1 Electronics kit from Radio Shack. It looked like sputnik... Build a crystal radio, burglar alarm, Morse code generator etc.... Then within a month I bought the 75 in 1 with my allowance... Loved that thing... Eventually electronics led me into robotics....
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
I had something very similar to that too. The radio transmitter was what blew my mind at the tender age of around 10... my voice was coming out of a real radio!..
I had one of those too. Wish I had one now so I could re-learn everything I once knew about circuits.

You can still buy them same kits new
I did not get any robots till I was old
But my friend had a big one don't know what it was all I know is that it was in the early 70s
Oh yes, the old 50-in-1, 75-in-1, 100-in-one kits. That really brings memory :P

Would myself in a robot costume count as my first robot (hihihi) ?
btw, I won first prize ($100) with this holloween costume many years ago.

User-inserted image
I had the Remco Lost in Space Robot in the '60s. I used to sleep with it like it was a teddy bear.
I'm still working on my first robot. It's a full size B9 robot from Lost in Space. Close to getting the arms and claws working then I'll be kind of done. I hope to be someday done enough to move on to my second robot. I'm thinking that will be a full size Robbie the Robot if I can find the parts and can afford it.