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What Happened To Cochrane Robotics?

I was browsing skills and saw EZ-AI, developed by Cochrane Robotics. All links to the related sites are dead, and a Duck-Duck-Go search said the company was deactivated some years back. Any news on what happened to David?

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He is alive and well...just not interested in robotics anymore.


@fxrtst Will! How ya doin’?


I'm doing good. Thanks for asking. How are you doing?


@fxrtst I’m doing well! Retired in December, looking forward to spending more time with my B9!


I also think Cochrane was ahead of his time with the project. He had a neat idea, and the market wasn't ready yet. It's still a bit early for that sort of thing, but getting close. Even the amazon Alexa/Google Home world is still a small market. People buy them but don't use them. I have amazon Alexa's all over my house, including on my ecobee thermostats - and I still prefer to use my phone to manage lights and temperatures.


Good to hear he is doing well.  Not surprised that he has moved on to other things.  He did seem to jump from one project to the next, all of which were on the scale of full-time jobs.