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What Happened To The Forum ?

Something has happened to the timeline and response notification on the forum.
I got a lot of notifications last night about thread updates that don't exist and the newest threads are no longer showing the usual order.


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Has the forum been hacked? I noticed earlier that most (if not all) topics are three weeks old!:(
Some loser spammed 72 threads about four hours ago Ezb Robots and Company got rid of Them.
As Merne said, someone used a public vpn from korea to manually spam 70 threads. They were blocked and post about purses were removed. It's crazy that people manually do this stuff - copy and paste and copy and paste and copy and paste a spam message:)

There's a replying quota time limit for new users now.

threads have been updated to their most recent posting time stamp
@DJSures - Thanks for the update and quick response to the threat!

Dark times these days.:(
Great job DJ.
I value the forum a lot, I'm here almost everyday since the beginning of EZ.
It would be a great loss if some idiots screw it up.
LOL! That really happened? Was it spam from North Korea? :D I go on vacation for a month and all hell breaks loose here LoL! How y'all doing? Peace out.:)