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What Are Your Favorites Robots Movies?

hello fellow robots hobbyist, I have been silently away from the forums for about 6 months, due to my personal life. I finally graduated college with my first degree ( yeiiii me). I recently landed a new job, about to launch my own business. Now it's time to get back to robotics, impatiently waiting to play with the V4.

What are your favorites robots movies? what inspire you?

Iron Man trilogy Short Circuit loki

Almost humans R2D2

and of course EZ-Robot


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thanks for sharing video of loki.

:):):):) j

United Kingdom

Iron Man is up there with the best of them which should be obvious as is the sole inspiration behind Jarvis and my home automation system. Bicentennial Man is another awesome one, masses of inspiration from this one for me for a project I've not announced yet. iRobot wasn't bad but to be honest wasn't any inspiration to me. Short Circuit 1 & 2 Cody the Robosapien

I'm sure I've missed a ton too.


Lost in space (the movie, not the series) Wall-e of course ;) The Questor tapes

Not a robot, but inspired me to start learning how to program... From our greatest generation... The Apollo guidance computer (written in machine language might I add)


Lost in Space - B9 Robot (first robot to inspire me as a kid) Forbidden Planet (1957) - Robby the Robot (Very cool movie. Way ahead of its time) The Black Hole - Maximilian (one bad dude!) Silent Running -Huey, Dewey, and Louie The Day The Earth Stood Still - Gort Star Wars -R2D2 Short Circuit Johnny 5 Terminator II -T-800 Transformers-Optimus Prime Bicentennial Man (My favorite movie)


loki is it when he blinks robocop-terminator and book archie man off steel


Welcome back @PJ_Dtechy, I was just reading your battery primer thread about a week ago. Glad to hear you're doing well. I've always learned a lot from your posts. Glad to have you back. :D

For me, top 3 without thinking, it's R2D2 (R2 units in general), C3PO and The Transformers (all of them). My Collection

Ultimately though, Bioloids made me believe I could realistically make a "cool" humanoid robot. Then I discovered EZB. I could afford it and it's taught me a lot this far. I couldn't be happier. C'mon V4s!


Star wars! all of them.:) Spielberg's A.I and.. I use to wish those robots in Galactica..

:) Tevans


Loki is coming out awesome! That is real genius there. I cannot get over how lifelike it seems.

As far as movies go, Like many in my generation, Lost in Space defined robots for me growing up. Until I was in High School, when I heard the word "robot" I pictured the Lost in Space Robot. As far as more modern movies, I think that it is a toss up for me between "I Robot" with Will Smith, and "Real Steel." I think that it is because both of them seem fairly realistic, (world domination aside) with a hint of the robots becoming more than just machines. I do believe that as programming becomes more and more complex the line between consciousness and algorithm will become blurred.

Or as Dr Lanning pondered in "I Robot"

"There have always been ghosts in the machine. Random segments of code, that have grouped together to form unexpected protocols. Unanticipated, these free radicals engender questions of free will, creativity, and even the nature of what we might call the soul.When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness? When does a difference engine become the search for truth? When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote... of a soul?"


I like rgordon's list so ditto to that, Wall -E , Iron man and no ones mentioned Star Trek NG 's Data! Thank you Danger! for providing that snippet from I robot! With my chatbot FRED it will be added to the conversation. and..........Welcome back PJ! Congratulations and good luck with your business venture!:)


My son and I like Real Steel. At the beginning of the movie most of the robots are radio controlled until the main characters add voice recognition to their motion tracking robot. It's like they added the EZB to it. Ha Ha


Being downloaded as we speak!:)


Really hard choice. Favorite robot book is "Caves of Steel" on which the Will Smith iRobot was based. Movie was OK, but not a favorite. Wall-E is up near the top, and "The Iron Giant". I liked the robots in Silent Running, but the movie was not great. Loved Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Loved B-9 from lost in space, but even as a kid I thought the series was dumb. Loved the droids in Star Wars, but hated eps 1-3 and am now quite sick of the market saturation. If EZ-B had been available 30 years ago, I would have built an R2D2 with it. We did build a radio controlled one in my high school. But now I would be bored with an R2.

I guess of all the choices, Wall-E wins. He just makes me smile every time I see him.



DJ wall -e was what attract me toward EZ-B, Real Steel is a great one,


It would be awesome if they made a Battletech/Mechwarrior series. Those were some of my favorite RPGs. Robotech/Macross Saga was OK but I felt they could have used more of the Batteltech mechs instead of pretty much just the Valkyrie. I can't believe I forgot to mention battle mechs. They are defiantly a big part of my love for robots. Anyone remember the movie Robotwars?


My robot movie adventures started with "Robbie the robot". That sparked a desire to build and own a robot. I liked "Lost is space". "2001: A Space Odyssey" was great, "Dave, I cannot do that". Self awareness surfaced. I remember taking my wife to "A.I.". We were the only ones in the theater! Star Trek Lt. Commander DATA was my FAVORITE! I also liked "I,Robot", Sonny with the bug (ability planted) to be more. EZ Robot is the closest thing I have found to completing my dreams, and it is advancing! Hang on! Steve S


Evolver... I want to make one like him one day.

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I have to agree with Rex (R. Gordon) His list is pretty thorough. I also liked COG from the 50's movie of the same name. And who could forget K-9, the Daleks, or the Cybermen. Vincent from "The Black Hole" was also a cool little bot.


Battle Star Galactica from the 80's, the cylons and the robotic dog, I believe his name was Muffit or something like that, I always wanted a robotic dog like him :-} Six Million Dollar Man, I know he was more of a cyborg, but that was a good show :-} When I was younger I had the 2ft Shogun Warriors figures, the firing missles and the firing hands, where was EZ Robot then? :-} I was a huge Star Wars fan, I still have all the original action figures and things packed away in storage, I even have unopen ones, along with the comic books, all in plastic :-} And of course, Knight Rider, KITT, he was one of my favorite cars next to The General Lee and The Coyote from Hardcastle and McCormick, cannot forget Airwolf and Blue Thunder, two kickass helicopters :-} And then there was Robo Cop :-}


@Rich, I just watch Bicentennial Man, my new favorite robot movie, the evolution was remarkable. @stonewolf KITT my favorite car, lol i added the led strip to my bmw that scan just like it, change my head unit to an android system with the A.I ( app call speaktoit).


I too loved Bicentennial Man! I just watched Real Steel last night and it was very good as well! A great dad/son story around fighting robots circa 2020!


How about the female Cylon #6 from the remade BSG series ! I could see building a fembot like that with an EZB to control her! :-)


For sure Robot & Frank. Great movie. Gotta love Wall E, he's a robot, a maker, and uses refurbished/recycled parts. My kind of guy. Its a bit of a stretch but I would say Iron Man movies. Wearable robotics and the coolest AI ever JARVIS:)


A robot without a name, well,, actually not even a real robot, but rather the movie character "Miles" disguised as a robot, who goes to work as a butler in the future. Those old enough might have guest it: The robot in the 1973 Woddy Allen movie "Sleeper". I was very young when I watched it the first time, and barely spook english back then, but I now still have a good laugh just thinking about it !

btw, this is my very first post:)


Saturn 3 with the robot HECTOR, very good movie for the time period :-}

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Who could forget Marvin from the Hitch Hikers guide to the Universe...:D

"Simple. I got very bored and depressed, so I went and plugged myself in to its external computer feed. I talked to the computer at great length and explained my view of the Universe to it," said Marvin.< "And what happened?" pressed Ford. "It committed suicide," said Marvin and stalked off back to the Heart of Gold.


We might as well add AIMEE from Red Planet. She was a pretty cool Science bot turned psycho killer:)