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What Are Some Funny Personalities That Happened To Your Robot?

Having worked on a gazillion robots since I was a child, some of my robot demonstrated very funny personalities as shown below. What are some funny things your robot has done? Each robot has it's own personality.

Funny things my robot has done in the past.

While working on the robot on top of the table, it attacked me and ran right into me and off of the table.

While working on the table left by itself, the robot ran full speed off of the table.

I turned on the robot and it slapped me.

One robot that was hooked up to a vortrex speech generator would go "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" when you turned it off. It was only the capacitors draining. But, it made a lot of people laugh.

While being turned on and operating, the robot started to get nervous and started shaking.

While operating the robot, it would randomly giggle without being programmed to do so.

While being operated the robot tried to turn it self off.

While I was working on the robot, it put it's hand in my pocket.

While operating the robot, it would randomly giggle without being programmed to do so.

Tell us what your robot has done that was funny!



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hehe good bioloid does hit whit his grippers his legs.he was not programmed to do so.

second video nao programmed to catsh you when you move,he counts 1 2 3 and see. the second time he counts 1 2 and allreddy looks,he's cheating


I was building a security robot prototype after 9/11 and I provisioned a gun mount for it (not wise nor recommended) and was testing it with a toy sticky dart gun (very wise). One day on power up it's sensor caused the micro to jump to state that detected me as a threat, turn towards me and it shot me then spoke the warning "You are in an unauthorized area". It was literally like I had created a malfunctioning ED-209 from Robocop.


haha lucky he didn hit you in the eye. :D

United Kingdom

Melvin sneezes, which was programmed however I forgot about it once and he scared the c**p out of me!..


melvin is great.and like you say its scared the bolt off us here. we where waiting to see it happen,then we jumped. :D


@Rich... That's the first time I have seem Melvin.... That's hilarious.... he's awesome.... I think programming personality is one of the hardest thing to do... I mean to make the bot look like he is using true cognitive thinking...

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He does a lot more than sneeze, he has pretty much every basic human action programmed and set up for a pretty life like execution (nothing will happen all of the time, some things are only after specific times of the day etc.)

I really need to get back on to building him especially now I have the V4 which is more than likely going in him.


@Rich... no doubt... probably even gives you the finger when you piss him off... :P

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He would if I had made his arms yet!..


I had wall-e whistle at a girl younger than me while I was presenting him at school. Whole audience started laughing.

When wall-e starts up his servos move 5 positions. I plugged him in after 3 months and scared the heck out of me!

Had my bottom half of my Dewy robot drive away while I was showing some friends. I was the one running to catch it.


I had a mishap while testing how much a motor I wanted to use for my B9's arm would lift:

Then another time one of the first times I brought B9 to life he detected my wife moving around upstairs and showed what a hound dog he really is:


Dave! No offence but I LOL'ed hard on the first video. I guess you tie everything down now. That must have sucked! Did you break anything?


@Technopro, No insult taken. ;)

Before I made this vid I knew I need to anchor things down but one of my shortcomings is getting in a hurry and not thinking things through. eek Hopefully my stupidity will help the next guy to think ahead and perhaps save a finger, eye or maybe a new fledgling robot. :D

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@Dave your B9 detecting "woman" was the inspiration behind this little Jarvis spoof of an action...

Although not totally ARC made (but could be ported easily) Jarvis often makes goofs, does things by himself or does something different to what I ask. He hears himself which causes problems, he also responds to things which are said on the TV or in music and has been known to just start up some music when it's been silent in my house (the disadvantages of having a mic that's always on). I leave it this way to add character and make him seem more real.


Thank You all for the replies. I LOVED them all. Maybe we will get more.


My favorite is still Wall-e falling over :)

United Kingdom

Mine too! It's the video which made me buy the EZ-B (after countless videos of Omnibot 5402 watching TV etc.)


LOL....It's as if Wall-e just gave up chasing the ball... He fell over and decided to take a nap, completely defeated. :)


@Wall-E's so cute! I gotta build a EZB powered one some day soon!

@Rich, Love Jarvis's mood detector! I would have given my left arm back in the 70's for something like that. Kinda reminds me of an "In Like Flint" movie with James Coburn (James Bond Spoof). All you need now is a round rotating bed and a below the (see through) floor fish aquarium. :P


Mel, Thank you for starting this post. I loved watching the response. I recently cleaned up my phone deleting vids of my robot shaking like a cold and scared Chihuahua dog shaking @ higher voltage. These are some of my favorites. Melvins sneeze seems so real. post #5 Wall-e has a hidden agenda. post #17 B9 s trials. post # 12


I like to do something for the good people of this forum. So, I try to. Plus, I was curious.

Thanks, Mel