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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Web Access

wifi connection wow its the way to go, experimented with both modes as explained in video
very easy to setup
Next step web access I have setup http server,also port forwarding in router
Is it possible to use EZB software to gain access from web ?
thank You in advance


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Yes, it is possible. Ports 23 and 24 need to be forwarded. I haven't had a chance to do much with it yet to know how it works. Going off of a post DJ made about a month ago.
Thanks @ d.cochran

Yes ports 23 & 24 open on router
Have checked externally to verify both are open.

My query is on the remote pc on the web trying to connect ezb what is required .

I presume one enters your public ip address plus " :23 "in the EZB connection software

United Kingdom
Here's a scenario which may be easier...

Computer A is your home PC running ARC, the EZ-B connects to the same WiFi network as this PC.

Computer B is your office PC, on a different network, in a different building or even in a different country.

Save the project from Computer A and save to the cloud or a portable device (USB stick, mobile phone, floppy disk if you still have some).
Load up the project on Computer A's ARC
Enable TCP/IP (connection tab) - default port is 6666
Port forward port 6666 on your home router to forward traffic on 6666 to Computer A
Connect ARC to the EZ-B.
Install ARC on Computer B.
Load up the project on Computer B's ARC.
Use Computer A's external IP address for the connection
You should now have both ARCs mirroring each other.

DJ did make a video of this a while back. I will see if I can find it. While his didn't show remote access over the internet there is no reason why a port forward wouldn't make this possible.

Edit: Here's the video

Thanks Rich
Explained and laid out very well

Basically one reqiures a local pc connected to EZB
to login and control remotely from web.

one cannot log directly onto EZB using its unique ip address
As an alternative you can try Team Viewer..... Works pretty well...
United Kingdom
I think you can log directly in to the EZ-B too, it should work (in theory). My concern would be the speed at which data is communicated from EZ-B to ARC over the internet though. By linking ARCs together you effectively eliminate this.
Thanks Richard & Rich

I have a particular reason for connecting directly to EZB 4 from web if it were possible
anyone already using this option please

Thank you
Eventually attempted to connect second pc to EZB on same wifi
but get this error
User-inserted image

Downloaded latest software on both pc's

win 8 connected to ezb ,win 7 second pc
Your IP address.... Where did you get that from?
United Kingdom
Same error with mine, I guess it may be a bug in the software?
Thats the ip address and server port of the pc thats connected to the EZb
I should remove that video. The connection feature is no longer supported. We had to remove it because it was getting impossible to support with all the new v4 features.

To connect remotely, open a port in your firewall and connect to the robot. Otherwise, use the http server. We are also working on the ability to add your own HTML files to it. So that will allow greater customization and deprecate the need for remote ARC connectivity.
thanks DJ
no problem that its not supported my goal was to connect from the web
and was using the wifi to carry out a local test first
Pat :P