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Hello there!

Can you tell me where i have to put the wires for the wireles camera and where to connect to the ezb-4.

Kind Regards Mvg, Jorrik



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Wireless cam? Are you not using the camera which comes in the V4 developers kit then?

If not, what camera is it? If it's wireless what wires are you trying to run?


There is a cable supplied with the EZB-Camera that is used to connect into the EZB(4) controller.


I suspect you have a V4 Developers Kit? Or just the v4 on it's own? If so, there are tutorials which explain the ports and connections. Here are some direct links to help you along.

*Note: The LEARN section can be accessed by pressing the LEARN button on the top menu of this website...

Developers Kit Lessons:

v4 overview:

And here is an image of the v4 from the Overview page...

User-inserted image

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If it's the camera that came with the dev kit, it should have came with a white ribbon cable already attached to the camera like in the picture below. It only connects one way around but be careful when you plug it in as it can easily be forced.

User-inserted image

Once your camera and cable are connected, plug in the white ribbon cable in to the camera port on the EZ-B pictured below.

User-inserted image

Now your connected here's how to get it working.

  1. Load up the most latest version of ARC.

  2. Click on the"Project" tab of the ARC top menu.

  3. Click on "Add Control" on the menu ribbon.

  4. Click on The "Camera" tab.

  5. Then click on the "Camera Device" icon to add the camera.

  6. Finally connect your EZ-B to ARC and the camera stream should be displayed in the camera control.

If the camera in the first photo is different to what you have, maybe you could post a picture of it.


I see DJ posted while I was writing. The links he has supplied will be a great help to you as well if your unsure of anything.:)


Hello There,

Thanks to all your kindness for helping me with my project.



Your duplicate thread has been deleted. Please this post, which is your original thread - post in this thread for questions regarding the same topic. Thanks!


If this is your camera, you need the USB dongle for your computer... The camera is wireless (Bluetooth)...

User-inserted image


Yes i have this one! I want to connect the cabeles for the power of my camera from the ezb-4. or extern battery. where to put the wires? confused

How to power the Camera from the ezb-4 and where on the board of the Wireless cam?


I believe this is what you are asking... You would like to connect external power from EZ-B v3 to the wireless camera?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Yes thank you DJ, Thats what im looking for!

:) Thanks a lot !


Do you have an ezb4 or an ezb3? If you have an ezb4 you will need to be careful as the camera operates on 5V... So you will more than likely need a 5V voltage regulator in order to power the camera from the ezb4 board....

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The camera is actually 3.3v. 5v works but the original topic discussing it mentions the 3.3v and the risk that was taken to try 5v with it if memory serves me correctly.

Either way, it will need a voltage regulator! Why not use the V4 camera? Or did you only get the EZ-B V4 not the developers kit?


Hello Richard,

Yes i have an ezb-4. Ohhhww OK! Thats nice to know .



@revelhouse, proble. I found that using the search function. I searched for the words "Wireless Camera Power". The search function is located on the home page of the Community Forum at the top. There is a green button located next to it. It will come in handy when needing information:) I use it often!

Here are two additional pics from different angles from that search..

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@Rich... Thanks Rich... Not sure why I thought it was 5V...

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For older stuff (because I haven't had time to update it lately) I listed out a lot of useful topics in an index here

Look down the list and you'll find this topic for powering the camera:) It also confirms my memory is awesome on post #7. (@Richard 5v will work, Melvin has the mod done on a V3 with 5v supplying the camera without a problem, in fact it's very stable, much more so than before the mod).

But the search feature DJ mentioned works amazingly, I use it very often too, it gives the illusion that I know what I'm on about:)


Hey Rich,

I like the wireless cam. eye for wall-e. The one in the developers kit is different.

it looks not as the same as on the picture you know!:):):)

But thanks for your help!

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That's because it isn't the same. But it's better, much better! If you can fit it in I would highly recommend using the V4 camera over the wireless one from the V3 developers kits.


You probably thought it was 5v because it has a USB charger, so if you power through the USB port there is either a regulator or the battery acts as one. Before trading it to another member, I powered mine with 5v from the EZ-B v3 with the battery removed and it worked fine.



Okey Rich.

Than i will try both, so i can see whats better !

Can i also use the mini usb input of the wireless cam to power it from the ezb -4?


Re: mini USB. Yes, but again, you will need a voltage regulator to bring the power down to 5v.



Okay Alan,

Thanks a lott for helping me!

To all of you, thanks a lott that you helped me with this project!:D

Mvg, Jorrik