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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Waiting For Audio From Soundboard (PC) To Finish

Is there a way to wait for the end of an audio file from the Soundboard (PC) control? The following code does not wait but instead plays the file and says "done" simultaneously:


ControlCommand("Soundboard (PC)", Track_0)
WaitFor($EZBPlayingAudio = 0)

From my understanding, $EZBPlayingAudio is only applicable to sound coming from the EZB. As such, the following code works because it outputs from the EZB rather than the PC:


ControlCommand("Soundboard (EZB)", Track_0)
WaitFor($EZBPlayingAudio = 0)
Is there an equivalent $EZBPlayingAudio variable for the Soundboard (PC) control?

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There isn't a status variable for the soundboard PC at this time. I'll add it to the future todo list:)
Oh wow ptp that’s great
The AudioToolbox plugin looks promising. I managed to import the voices using scripts but I couldn't configure the default devices. When I try to open the plugin I get this error:

User-inserted image
I can't find that method (PopulateComboBoxes) in my code, did you upgrade to the last version #6 ?
if you add the plugin to an empty project is your screen similar to this:
User-inserted image

Note 1: warning messages due no mic / speaker devices.
@ptp the latest version I see is 5:

User-inserted image

and with an empty project it looks like this:

User-inserted image

I uploaded the new version (#6).
Actually I've noticed that it occasionally crashes ARC when:
- Audio Session Tracking Mode = All
- An audio file playing through Soundboard (PC) is Stopped

Sometimes it happens on the first time I click Stop but other times, it'll take a while.
Thanks for the feedback.
Awesome, it's working well now.