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JD Robot Occasionally Spasms When Closing EZ-Builder Without Disconnecting First

Sometimes, when closing EZ-Builder, JD's servos violently spasm and rush towards their limits. However, I noticed this doesn't happen when it's disconnected first before closing. I don't know how to replicate this problem nor do I know why it occurs. Has anyone else seen something similar to this before? Or have any suggestions on how to go about...
Waiting For Audio From Soundboard (PC) To Finish

Waiting For Audio From Soundboard (PC) To Finish

Is there a way to wait for the end of an audio file from the Soundboard (PC) control? The following code does not wait but instead plays the...

Synchronising Commands In A Custom Behavior Control Plugin In C#

I’ve made a custom behavior control plugin and use the EZ_Builder.Scripting.Executor.StartScriptBlocking method to run commands. However, I can’t get it to properly run the Test Script in Script Manager: Code in Script Manager - Test: When the above code is played via the Script Manager control, the robot dances and lights its eyes up while...
Inconsistent Speed Speech Settings After Installing Cepstral Voices

Inconsistent Speed Speech Settings After Installing Cepstral Voices

After installing some Ceptral voices and adjusting some Windows settings, speech synthesis through EZ-Builder is suddenly much faster than...

Scripting Multiple Robot Actions One After Another

I'm currently using Script Manager to run multiple scripts in sequence. I know that ControlCommand is non-blocking by default but is there a way to wait for a script to finish before executing the next? The idea is to basically wait for each robot to finish asking/answering/doing something before moving on. I've mostly been using...

Interacting With The JD Robot Via Flashcards And/Or Objects

Would anyone have suggestions on how best way to go about interacting with the JD robot via flashcards and/or objects? The aim would be for the user to give some sort of meaningful visual response that JD can interpret and process. QR codes are nice but they can be quite large particularly if the robot is further away. The only way I can think of...
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