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Waiting, Waiting & Waiting.

Eagerly awaiting for the results of the lucky draw...


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United Kingdom
aameralis, this draw. I guess you're too late now but it does pay to check facebook and your emails.
@Pranav , it's exciting right:) like playing the lottery but you don't have to buy a ticket.
In the back of my head I know that I never win things like this lol but i still cant help but be excited *stress*
United Kingdom
I guess I missed it as well :(
Hey everyone! We are doing the draw right now!

The results will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages soon:)
Yes! The winner will also get an email:)
Congratulations to Luigi Salamena from New York, USA for winning the EZ-Robot Feedback draw. Luigi chose a Revolution Roli EZ-Robot and a 3 servo Arm's with Gripper as his prize (we decided to add a second for free). Have fun building!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! We recieved a ton of amazing feedback. Our community is the reason we have been so successful:)

Here's a shot of his prize!

User-inserted image
Congos fella... u earned it... dats one cool robot...:)
I wonder if Luigi is a viewer or member of the forum?
@jstarne1 , datz a lucky draw... anything can happen...