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Visual C# And The Movement Of My Jd

Hi all,

i want to walk my JD with C# program. I know that you can export the Action and frames from Auto Position, but whats with the servo Profiles. I dont think that it exports the servo positions with the actual servo profile.

How did you control your JD with C#, or are there any ideas? confused:)


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Patrick, there is a servo fine tune command in the servo class of the sdk. Specify the servo fine tune values there. ARC wasn't designed to create c# programs for you, the Auto Position code generator is an exception :).


Ohhh yes, just saw it eek

I know that, ant the code generator is very useful, thanks:)


Now again a question:

EZ_B.­Servo.­Set­Servo­Fine­Tune(4, 3);

would that be right in this way?

"Servo.­Set­Servo­Fine­Tune" is red underlined. It says that it is in available in the context

Thank for answering, and greetings from Germany;)