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Visit To Synthiam

Last week I had a very enjoyable experience at the EZ-Robot office. I met Jeremy, Alan, and another employe (didn't remember his name).

Jeremy made me feel right at home. He was very proud to show me around and point out many interesting objects that make up the EZ Robot atmosphere such as the rebuilt Wurlitzer juke box, (has some great tunes BTW) an Apple II owned by JD, Rich's InMoov, legacy robots like Walle, Cookie Monster, and the current line of JD's, Six, Rover, the print farm, the engineers benches and tables, etc. He gave me the full tour.

Alan was very friendly and helpful and processed my purchase of 2 more EZ-B v4s.

If you are in the Calgary area, a stop by 1212 9th Ave. SE will be well worth your while.


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That is very cool. I hope you got a chance to see some of Banff Provincial Park while you were in that part of the continent. I honeymooned there and it was one of the best places I have ever been. Most of the best sites were just a few minutes walk from the parking area too, which was great when my wife blew her knee on a long hike our second day.



@OldBotBuilder It's a robot builder's dream shop LOL... I met Alan, Aislinn, Jake, Jeremie and of course DJ when I was there in May. All of them were great people.. If I lived in Calgary, I would be begging DJ for a job.... Too bad you didn't get to meet DJ. Not your typical caviar eating, Mercedes driving CEO. A very down to earth generous guy who I believe still drives a 10 year old Volvo with 200,000km+ on it and an engine that has been rebuilt at least once.... ... Anyway, he's probably still at his cottage enjoying what is left of the warm weather...

United Kingdom

I thought DJ had an Audi S4 that's far from being a Volvo...


That's right, it's an s4 with many many many upgrades:) 489 all wheel horse power or upgrades! Thanks for the compliments Richard r.

I have indeed been at my cabin since July 1st. I've been working on the new plugin open architecture of ARC and the new ezbits (invented pendulum, camera, 8x8 rgb display, etc)

I will be back in Calgary at the office when I'm caught up and ready to pitch 2016 to the rest of the ezrobot team:). Probably mid September.


@dj enjoy the last bit of your summer! Winter is coming:) good luck on the new rewrite.


@OldBotBuilder Thanks for dropping in! It was a pleasure to meet you in real life. I always enjoy showing people around the office, especially when it's long time forum members!